February 26, 2014

We Work The Abs

Yes I am on a semi vacation/semi work trip and I brought along the Insanity discs. Am I that dedicated? Not really. I just like finishing what I start. It's a habit I formed a long long time ago and one I hope to instill in W. Always finish what you start.

We did the pure cardio work out which I think is my favorite. It's not the easiest but it doesn't have the repetition that the others have. You do the warm up three times still, but after that it's stretching and then 20 minutes of different moves. Each one works a muscle group slightly differently so while your heart rate is kept up, your muscles get a slight break from time to time and you can really push hard. Plus I like the moves in it.

But today was the day we added cardio abs afterward. It is killer. Shaun T claims there is not a single crunch or sit up in the work out and while that is technically correct, you are basically doing crunches and sit ups incognito. And it burns. I couldn't even do it all. I did every move but at the end you go from a low plank to a high plank and back again and again and again. I think I did three. And then my lower back started screaming at me, so I think my form was off.

Both the hubs and I agree that the cardio bit should be tacked on way more often. It's the end of week 2 and it's the first we have done it. I think it should be done twice a week.

We will see how my abs feel tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a day off and I'm going to spend it at my Grandma and Grandpa's house. Last time I was in Florida was in 1995 and I'm pretty sure this is a different house. They haven't met W yet either so I'm very very excited to see them.

Then it is our second fit test. Time to see if anything is paying off.

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