Gem's Gear (2/2/16)

Currently In Use:

Advantage saddle with medium tree and 16" seat. Average slope to the shoulders and loin. Moderate loin lift. Plenty of D-rings. No fenders. Leather stirrup leathers.

Thin Line Endurance Wool 
Reinsman Tacky Too 

Mohair western style cinch from Advantage saddles 30"

Biothane side pull halter/bridle combo in red and black from Distance Depot
Flat braided nylon halter/bridle combo in red and black from Long Riders Gear.10' long reins.

Full cheek copper French link snaffle

Caged red aluminum endurance stirrups

Breast Collar:
Toklat red fleece


What Did Not Work:

Hmmm..pretty much everything else out there. Wintec 500AP took us through the first 2.5 years and all endurance miles on record (62 miles) without back complaints. Rode up on her neck horribly and I am surprised she never complained. Caused horrible left knee pain at mile 20 each time for me. Slick and not fun during her tantrums.

Abetta endurance: too wide for my hips

Wintec Dressage (Isabella): I didn't mind it, but Gem hated it from the get go. Spine clearance was too narrow

M. Touloise Anky: Beautiful saddle, soft leather, dial a fit gullet. She actually didn't mind it, but again it was way too wide for my pelvis.

Duett: Heavy. Trail was too shallow for her withers, but was wide enough. Dressage version was better for wither clearance but too narrow for her shoulders. Plus the dealer was terrible to work with.

Reactor Panel: Not enough support to prevent incredible forward shift regardless of numerous contraptions. Discs ended up on her shoulders causing pain

WISE Cross Country: The most comfortable saddle I have sat in to date. It felt like sitting on a cloud and it put my legs in exactly the right position for effortless riding. It was a dream. But it rode up on Gemmie's shoulders. If I used a girth that kept it reasonably back, the girth rubbed and created bloody sores. If I used a different girth, it slid forward up on her neck which isn't good either. So, it sadly had to go.

Leather English one. I still use it when riding in the arena from time to time and it is a beautiful bridle that fits her petite head nicely. 

Fusion Jogging Boots, 13 fronts and 12 hinds. Too wide and while they stayed put at all gaits and through creeks, mud, clay and gravel they caused rubbing

Renegades, Vipers all around with various size and style of captivators. They never stayed on even in perfect trail conditions.

Wish List:

Baucher bit
Second thinline endurance pad
BOT sheet

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