January 6, 2017

Scratch that...Try Again

Ok...I got annoyed with the free site and the basic plan is only like $3 a month, so I went ahead and got some retail therapy in and just bought the thing.


Check it out and join along!!

January 1, 2017

A Blogging Shift

Two years ago I started this blog to detail my life with Gem.  I had just moved to SC and knew nobody. Wyatt was only 7 months old and it was super easy to take him to the barn to nap in the stroller with Dusty while I rode in the arena.

I wrote about our early days, current happenings and future dreams. This blog has always focused primarily on my riding life, being a horse blog and all, and I have had decent fodder to fill the pages and my own urges to write things down. 

Now that Wyatt has grown into an adorable, funny and energetic four year old, I find myself riding less and less and therefor having less and less meaningful content to share. This should change once the horses move home with us, but the fact remains that my riding life has become rather dull. There are only so many posts to be made about riding on your own in a hay field or traveling along the same trail system without being completely redundant or, even worse, boring. 

I thought about just stopping altogether and bidding this ado. 

But then I thought about the connections I have made through this blog. The people I have met and the places I have gone because of it. Reading other blogs and keeping myself in check on here have made me be more aware of my own riding and goals that I want to reach. 

Instead of stopping, I decided to make a big shift in how and what I blog.

You see, riding isn't the only or really even the largest part of who I am. I have better stories to tell about being a mom (like when I decided to hide my cell phone playing scary monster sounds in the sink at the doctor's office and now Wyatt is scared to death to go there), being a business owner, working in the health care field and just about my life in general. Gem is a part of the bigger picture, but not really enough to fill up an entire blog with.

So.....I've made a new blog over at word press. It's still a free site and all, but the look is much more to my liking and I plan to write about anything in my life I feel is worthy of retelling and remembering. There will be a lot of Gemmie stuff on there and it will still focus on my riding and life with Gem, but it will also be sprinkled with all the other parts of my life that make me who I am. Wordpress is also much friendlier on my phone, so I can ost without needing my computer.

You can find it at:


  • starting January 1st you can find all new content over there. I hope you join me!!!