February 11, 2014

WISE Saddle Saga Takes A Nose Dive

Not to get too philosophical on a horse blog or anything and not to ruffle any feathers on a fate vs destiny vs free choice vs whatever else debate, but wow. I'm not 100% sure what I even believe all the time, but there have been numerous times in my life that I have felt out of balance with time. How to explain? There have been moments where I seriously think I was born too late or am living a little behind the magical wheel that is my life. Today is one of them.

You all know my saga with trying to sell my WISE saddle. If my money tree was up and growing, I would keep the saddle for the future in case it ever fit a horse I owned because it is that stinking comfortable. But I need the money from this saddle to buy the Advantage which actually fits my horse and has a very high likelihood of fitting others as well. So it pretty much has to go.

I got an email from Maryland Tack Exchange today that she has had lots of interest, but people are making low ball offers. Someone stated that the saddles are being sold new for $2600. Really? Last time I checked they were at $5000 new. Without the pad and with only 1 gullet. Mine has a pad and 2 gullets. It should be worth the $3000 I'm asking.

So I did a little checking and facebooked the company. Guess what? I'm screwed. Unfortunately, the owner suffered a bad fall (he is an active eventer himself) and sustained a concussion that has left him bed ridden currently and he is unable to continue his business. He is selling all his stock off cheap and once they are gone, that's it. No more WISE saddles. Ever.

(The thought just struck me that perhaps I shouldn't be posting this since someone may not know this and will now rush off to get a new one instead of buy my used one, but oh well)

Crap. So now what? I emailed the lady back with the above information and asked her advice. The options in my mind are:

1.) Keep trying to sell it for full price hoping someone doesn't know the above information and buys it anyway - Seems unlikely to happen

2.) Drop the price significantly and just get what I can and count my losses - Maybe the best option

3.) Take the saddle back and try to come up with the money for the Advantage anyway. Have the Hubby use it on Pete and enjoy the saddle. Maybe my next horse will fit it - would love to do this, but unless some friendly reader wants to sponsor my Advantage purchase I doubt this is possible

4.) Take it back, keep it for another year and sell it then when no new ones can be found. I don't know if a discontinued saddle goes up or down in price. I would guess down. Repairs, new gullets, etc wouldn't be available so it is a risk - highly doubt this would be any better

5.) Sell Gemmie and buy a horse who actually likes me, the trail, work and fits the WISE  - Not ever going to happen. Ever. I promised her a forever home and that is what she will have. Plus I think the price of a new horse would be more than the Advantage saddle anyway.

See what I mean? Had I decided to sell it last summer or spring I wouldn't have this issue. I would have sold it, bought the new one and moved on with my life.

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