February 21, 2014

In Which I Complain...A Lot

I'm tired. Very, very tired this morning. W has been a very difficult eater as of late. He has always been willing to eat almost anything which was easy in some ways and hard in others. I want him to eat a balanced diet and so we needed to up our cooking game quite a bit to match his appetite. But at least I knew he would eat well. The last week or so all he wants is chicken nuggets. Meals he used to gobble down are being outright refused now. Yesterday I packed chicken slop (roast chicken pulled into pieces with mushroom soup and butter...very yummy) and risotto. He used to gobble that up. He spit it all out. So he got chicken nuggets for dinner. The Tyson frozen ones. He eats 5 at a time. He is 15 months old. He can't live on just chicken nuggets.

Well, anyway...we battled through dinner trying to get him to eat something other than nuggets (I lost by the way) and dosed him with his Robitussin/Benadryl/Augmentin cocktail and put him to bed at 6:30pm. Like usual (well, minus the drugs when he isn't battling an ear infection). He fell right asleep. I threw a new recipe into the crock pot (a very yummy smelling quinoa and veggie dish - I would add chicken to it to make it a complete meal in the future) to cook overnight and we got ready to do our Insanity work out.

Things went ok during the work out. I was a bit sluggish, but ended strong. We went to bed at 9 as usual. Then my dad called and I talked to him for a bit. Then a friend called at 10 and I answered because it was out of the ordinary for him to call me that late and I wanted to make sure there wasn't something wrong. We chatted for a half hour or so (he is also a podiatrist and really smart with business and practice management so bouncing ideas off of him is awesome) and then back to sleep I went.

Until 1230 when W woke up screaming bloody murder. If he is very tired he can wake up with night terrors, but usually he falls back to sleep on his own within a few minutes. By 1 am he was still angry sounding and so the hubs went in to check on him. He was fine. Wide awake, but fine. He turned on his sleepy sheep, gave him back all the pacifiers he had chucked at the closed door in his temper tantrum (he is getting a very good arm on him) plus his curious George stuffed animal he threw out of the crib and came back to bed. At 2 am he was still at it, so I went in. He was wide awake. I tried to rock him, but he wasn't having any of it. So I let him play in his bedroom for a bit. At 230 I called it quits, dragged myself off his bedroom floor and put him back to bed. He fell right asleep.

Of course, when the alarm went off at 545 this morning he was still snoozing and he was none too happy about being woke up at 640 to eat breakfast. I hope he sleeps tonight.

On top of that I am trying to muddle my way through health insurances. I need to get my business signed up with any I can find out about. It gets tricky though because I am currently enrolled under them all with m y current employer. I can add my new location, but I first needed a tax number which I got yesterday and a NPI number which I got this morning. The stupid online application is telling me I can't move forward until I enter a manager into the system, but I am the manager. It is only me. Plus a receptionist/medical assistant, but she won't have access to any of that information. But when I put myself in it yells at me. AAAGH!

But....it is Friday. This is my last full week working here. I am off to FL for a conference next week and then I took some of my vacation as a day off a week until I am done to do various things. So it is winding down. I still need to figure out my charting program and billing. I have it narrowed down to two very different programs. So much to do!!

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