February 19, 2014

Week 2 Begins

Cardio Power and Resistance is the worst! Wow. I'm one sweaty beast tonight. Of course it being 68 degrees outside doesn't help matters, but you will never find me complaining about weather like this! It is soooo nice to open the windows and air out the house in February.

I am getting stronger. Both in my heart/lungs and legs. There are definitely some exercises I powered through tonight that I hadn't before. There are still some I stink at. Namely those crappy V push ups. I did them girlie style tonight so my shoulders still got a work out.

I forgot how upper body intense this work out is. Triceps, shoulders and pecs. I did my best, but my upper body isn't so great. I am just about ready to give up the girlie push ups and do real ones. I won't be able to do many, but it is a start.

I think it also helped that we had off yesterday. We will see how my legs are doing tomorrow.

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