February 12, 2014

Are You Supposed To Puke?


The good news is that I definitely pushed myself. Day 2 is Cardio Circuit day. You begin with a nice warm up that makes you think that you are finished because the warm up alone is difficult. I think my heart rate was 120 just with the warm up. Not a good sign. But then Shaun T teases you with a nice long stretching program. Your heart rate recovers and you become delusional that you will actually survive this work out.

After the stretch he informs you that things are going to get going now. Huh? I thought we had been going. Into some intense suicides back and forth, jumping, squatting, more jumping, squatting and heck why not add some jumps in there?

Round 1 done. Phew. Now to redo it again but this time folks, do it faster and faster and faster getting your heart rate up. As if mine wasn't already flirting with heart attack levels. Ok...keep pushing. Round 2 done.

Round 3: back to focusing on form. Slower but same maneuvers. Feel like your legs are still attached? You must be doing it wrong.

BREAK. Drink. Breathe. Remember how wonderful you felt as a lazy blob? Hmmm...

Round 4: Basketball jumps (which I must admit were fun the first two times, but the last round I was just plain dead), running in place and then jump up - down to the floor for 4 push ups (I did girlie ones)-out to a real push up stance and run in place-back up in the air. Lather, rinse, repeat. Until you can't even remember what year it is anymore. Then stay in push up position and do ski jumps: bring knees up to the right then back then left all working your core. I enjoyed these and did fairly well at them. I really want to strengthen my core a lot so I am trying really, really hard to do all the ab work outs super well. Last thing was pretty difficult for me to start and impossible by the end. Push up position. Bring knees all the way in to chest then push back out. The first round I did eh, ok with.

Then repeat for Rounds 5 and 6. By the last part of 6 I was done. I tried and pushed as hard as I could, but those last push ups were very hard.

I thought we were done, but the clock still had 10 minutes on it. 10 more minutes??? How on earth! But these were nicer. Less cardio and more core. Squat (do my thighs even function anymore?) and do punches, upper cuts, twists type things. Then stretch out and you are done!

YAY! I cooled down some, walked out to the kitchen and smelled tomorrow night's meatloaf in the oven. Ran (or toddled more accurately) to the bathroom and puked. Guess it means I pushing it hard enough, right?

Day 3 tomorrow. Bring it on :)

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