February 17, 2014

Insanity Week 1: Complete

Wow....there is a ton of things to write about today :) When it rains, it pours. First up is today's workout which is the last of week 1.

Today was a repeat of day 2: Plyometric Cardio. This is interval training. I must say that doing it the second time through was easier than the first. Part of that is just knowing what to expect and what moves you will need to do. But I would also like to think that I'm getting a little something out of all this. I have only two issues. (I know - how unlike me to have any issues at all? :)

1) This is supposed to be interval training. That means that you work super hard to get your heart rate way up for a set time, then you allow it to fully recovery then you shoot it up again. I'm too out of shape for this to work out. I have no issue what so ever in getting my heart rate up. It shoots up there quite easily, thank you very much. My problem lies in the miniscule 30 second recovery window he gives before jumping back into it. My heart rate never recovers. In fact, it takes a few minutes at the end of the session for it to begin to be normal. So I'm not doing intervals. I'm basically doing one long stay up high interval.

2)I'm trying super hard to keep my heart rate up. I'm doing the moves as fast as I can. Then my quads give out on me. I understand why we are using the quads so much. Its the largest muscle group. Working this to the max will consume the most energy and allow for the quick body transformation. So while my heart is going and I'd really like to get it higher or stay up longer, my legs just can't keep up.

You want to know what is weird? I'm actually enjoying this. Its hard to get started at 8 pm after a long (and stressful) day at work followed by fighting W to eat his dinner and go to bed. He used to go to bed promptly at 6 pm and fall right to sleep. Now he is pushing it farther and farther back, but 7 pm is his absolute limit. A kids has to have a bed time. But once we get started, I actually enjoy it. Well, if you ignore the many, many expletives that come out of my mouth during it.

Week 1 is gone and I have a day off tomorrow. I know I cheated a bit and took a day off in the middle, but over all I'm feeling pretty darn good. I don't see a change in my body at all, but 1 week is too short for that. I do notice a slightly quicker recovery to my muscles and a little better stretching ability.

Tomorrow I will go into my other big new which I leaked onto Facebook this morning. I'm super excited and what to explain some things, so stay tuned for that!

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