February 21, 2014

More Plyometrics...Blah :(

Poor Josh. He is out there working hard. Pushing through. Hitting it. Digging Deep. And all the other Shaun T-isms. I'm not even sure which person is Josh. I'm assuming he is somewhere in the back. Everyone looks way more fit than I do, so I don't see how anyone could get picked on. But poor Josh. Throughout the entire series so far you hear "Come on....Josh..." or  "Don't have your legs too wide...Josh..." etc... Poor Josh. He gets picked on a lot.

Plyometrics again. I did a ton better this time. Seriously. Any doubters out there. I think it is truly impossible not to improve if you put forth any amount of effort whatsoever. Really. I'm really trying to work hard and go as fast as I can and do as many repetitions as I can, but even if you half butted it I still think you would see improvement. How couldn't you?

I'm noticing it mostly in my abs and thighs. Which is where I wanted to notice it...so yay for me.

But I'm also noticing that I'm able to recover quicker. No..I didn't pause the tape and allow myself to recover before hitting the next interval. A late night phone call from my dad put the kabash on that idea. I did it like Shaun T and while I still needed to take some extra breaks and couldn't do everything perfectly, I did way better than last time.

I even managed some good real push ups. Yay me...again.

Tomorrow is cardio recovery which I think is pretty light which is good because the rest of the week gets a little scary. Plus tomorrow is super busy for me so it will get squeezed in late.

Until tomorrow...stay strong!! :)

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