February 23, 2014

I Feel Sluggish

Yesterday was recovery, so not much to talk about. I did have a good work meeting over dinner though with m new employee. (I love the sound of that....my new employee).

Tonight was Cardio Power and Resistance which I remember actually enjoying. But not tonight. My head just wasn't in it tonight. I had a great day. A great weekend in fact. Beautiful weather and lots of outdoor time with my boys. I hate to see it end with a Monday looming. But...there is lots to look forward to.

#1 - heading to Orlando for a conference Tuesday-Sunday and my boys are coming with. My grandparents live not too far from there so we get to see them too.

#2 - Last week was my last full week at work. I have taken my vacation time as 1 day off a week until I am done. Woohoo for 4 day work weeks :)

#3 - Moving along with my new business and have a ton of such to accomplish, but hoping to get a lot of it done at the conference.

Back to Insanity. I don't know if my legs were just too tired going into it tonight, if my dinner was sitting too heavy, or if it was just that my head wasn't into it (probably as all that and then some) but I just felt slow. I felt a little off with everything and even pushing as much as I could I still wasn't hitting the same level as in the past.

Oh well. Every workout won't be great. Tomorrow is pure cardio but then adding cardio abs to the end of it. The day after is a day off (great timing since we will be driving to FL that day) and then back at it while on vacation/work trip

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