February 18, 2014

Times Are a Changin

EEEK!! So I've been harboring a secrete for about 1.5 months or so now. A big one. Nope, sorry, it has nothing to do with horses or riding. Well, actually, I can make anything relate back to horses and riding, so lets see...yep. It does have something to do with it. Namely, its the reason all my riding plans have gone caput. All money right now needs to go towards something else, so no paces, no endurance rides for the immediately forseeable future. I am still hoping to do a 50 in September though.

I graduated residency last June and got my current job down here in the South. From day one of work red flags were a flying high and wild. Oh the stories I could tell, but I won't (no, not just to annoy you all) because that would be really unprofessional and in such a small town and such a small profession, I don't need the bad reputation. Lets just say that things kept going from bad to worse to insane. Some people should just never own a business.

My options are limited. The hubs adores his job and moving out of the South isn't really an option because we both love it here so much. I began to make some phone calls to local docs to see if anyone would be possibly interested in adding me to their practice. Nope. Nobody was hiring or looking to in the near future. There are a lot of single or two doc practices and they just weren't looking to expand. Or even entertain the idea.

I made one last phone call to the last remaining area doc. It was a Friday. He told me that he was not looking to hire. Crap. But.....he was looking to close his doors and sell out the building telling his patients to go elsewhere. Would I maybe just want to buy the whole thing??

It was an intriguing idea and the next day the hubs and I went to meet him, look a the place and talk money. It was a really cute building in a nice medical plaza. He built it 30 years ago and the decorations are outdated, but it is functional and minor redecorating would make a big difference. Plus I could (sorta, kinda, maybe) afford it.
Its scary. If I fail I don't know what we will do. I can't fail. We need my income to pay the bills and feed W. Failure isn't an option. The practice already has a part time patient base and while some may leave when he retires and I take over, most will stay. Are they all the types of patients I want my practice to be built around? Probably not. But they are people who need treated and I wont turn anyone away. I may limit certain things as I get busier, but at the beginning all comers are more than welcome.

I signed the paperwork for the financing yesterday. It will be mine in 6 short weeks. I very happily put in my 60 day notice at work as well. Happy days!!!

I'm nervous, excited, scared, worried and all sorts of other things. This is going to be a huge change and I am ready.

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