February 16, 2014

Pure Cardio

Day 5. Today is the first day that I am a little disappointed in myself. But lets back up a bit.

I RODE TODAY. Yes, that is significant enough to demand the use of capitalization. I RODE TODAY. It was 60 degrees and sunny and come heck or high water I was going to the barn and I was going to ride. So I did and it felt amazing. I rode like complete crap, but I expected that with the time I've been away from it and the fact that my legs are fairly useless right now. But nevertheless it felt fantastic. I need to do more of that.

But back to Insanity. Today was Pure Cardio. The warm up was just the same as every other warm up. Seriously, when will I get better at the stupid warm up? I can't even keep up with this yet. Hopefully by the end of this program I can at the very least do the entire warm up without taking a single small break.

Then more stretching. I am noticing better stretching ability which is good.

Then the work out began and it was a lot of cardio. Go figure with a name like "Pure Cardio". Jumping, suicides, heismans, wall climbs, football sprints, frog jumps from the ground to the air forward and backward, sprint then drop to a lunge-switch legs to other side lunge-then sprint again, etc...

My heart was flying. I was pouring sweat.

So why am I disappointed in myself? Well, each disc to date has had you do a routine once, then do it again at a break neck all out don't stop give it every thing you possibly can and then some speed, then a third time more slowly. So when I did this I thought that was what was going to occur. I should have paid better attention to the count down clock. Then I would have realized we were only doing this one time. I held back a titch. Not much. My heart rate was still close to 165 or so and I was puffing, but I could have pushed just a little more. Held out a little longer before a break. But I was saving that little last shred of energy for the faster round. Which never happened. So when he called it time for a cool down stretch I found myself wanting a little more cardio work out. A little more pushing.

I'll know for next time.

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