February 15, 2014

Cardio Recovery

For anyone keeping track today is day 5 of the plan. But I didn't blog yesterday. So what gives? Where was day 4?

Day four came and brought with it my wonderful female friend: Aunt Flow. Trying to avoid a too much information moment, let's just say that I despise this day. For many reasons. But for starters I get extremely tired, weak and over all feel disgusting in my own body. I had a choice. Curl up in the fetal position moaning about how much I hate it or do Insanity. I took a bubble bath. Do I feel guilty taking a day off so early on? Not really. If you felt as hormonal leg challenged and gross as I do that one day a month, you would understand.

So today we did work out number four: Cardio Recovery.

It is a day to let the heart and lungs relax. I thought if was a day to leg do everything relax. But my barely functional quads disagree. Shaun T is truly delusional. He kept saying things like "we are going to just do a little stretch" and "this is an easy yoga pose" and yet each one felt lied my quads were being turned to jelly.

This one is 32 minutes long and really is a cardio free day. My heart rate never went a beat above baseline.

It entailed a lot of squats. And I mean a lot. Like nearly 32 minutes of squats masquerading as other things such as a stretch. But as my quads were shaking I knew the truth. It was really just another squat.

And we did planks. And took a leg off the floor and brought it to the chest and the to the side. All while planking. Do you know what muscle group gets worked during a plank? Your quads.

We did do some actual stretching, but at the end I felt tighter and weaker than in the beginning. Not sure if that's how I'm supposed to feel it not.

I'm just glad I didn't have to jump at all tonight.

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