February 13, 2014

Cardio Power and Resistance

Day 3.

If today was day one I would say it was awesome. While there continues to be a lot of jumping there was also a good bit of core and upper body as well which gave my shaking quads and melting down heart a breather.

But today wasn't day one. It was day three. So I went into it with tired legs and a slightly protesting core.

I really am beginning to hate the warm up. Seriously, Shaun T. Warm up? When the warm up has half the demo people having to stop to breathe it isn't really a warm up. I'm ready to call it a night after the warm up. But the good news with day three is that the actual work out is only 20 minutes. The entire thing with warm up, stretching and cool down is 40 minutes.

I'm also beginning to realize that a lot of this is just learning the moves. Once the body understands what it is you are asking it to do, it becomes a bit easier. Not easy. But a little easier.

It started with a bunch of sprinting in place then jumping a hurdle. Sprint. Jump. Sprint jump. Ok. Got that. Then it was squat down and then kick right leg in front. Squat down then kick left leg. Ok. Not so bad. At least I can breathe through this exercise. Power jumping jacks. There goes my quads again.

I was beginning to feel pretty good about myself. Until he had us do walking push ups. Now for the sake of keeping this honest, I can't do more than a few real push ups. I can't do any walking push ups. So instead I just did a whole bunch of girlie push ups to build my chest with the hope that by the end I can start to do some walking push ups.

To further ruin my already fragile ego, we then went into what I will call teepee push-ups because I can't remember the real name. Bring butt into air as high as it can go with legs straight. Arms straight and hands pointing in towards each other. Now try to do a push up. Uh huh. That's right. You are basically standing on your head and trying to do a push up. I did one. My shoulders screamed in protest. I did a total of 3 all night.

Back to the beginning folks. But this time faster. Sprint harder, jump higher, jump faster. Ok. Sure. I'll get right on that.

Water break. Phew.

Next up was some things I found more fun. Probably because I also found them to be easier. Globe jumps. Touch the floor and in a squat jump to the right, back, left, front. My core started to burn which was good cuz that's what I really want to work on.

My oxygen starved brain is having a hard time remembering the work out even though I literally just finished it. Sigh. We also did tricep work outs. Those were fun. Floor sprints from a push up position. My problem with these is that my hands keep walking forward on me and I soon find myself falling. I need to work on that.

Another fun one was squat hops. Go down into a squat and then, while staying in that basic position, hop up a little in the air. Do eight in a row. Fun. Except he then ruins it by having you immediately go down for eight push ups. Then back up for eight hops...etc...Getting back up into the squat was hard.

But now it is over and I have three more days and then a day off. I hope my legs recover or this is going to be a really long three days.

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