March 9, 2014

So Much to Catch You Up On!!

AHHH!!! So much to say. I have been terrible at keeping up with this lately. There has been a ton going on in life and so very little time to get it all in. Let's see. I'm not a list person. Lists drive me crazy. I don't like seeing a long line of things to do and not being able to cross them all off. Most people love lists because it keeps you organized and scratching an item off makes you feel good. I'm the opposite. Crossing something off just makes me more stressed about how much time it is going to take to cross everything else off and if even one item doesn't get crossed, off I feel like I didn't work hard enough or long enough to complete the list. But, I am going to make an exception (well, two since I have an extremely long list of things to do for my business) and make a list of the topics to write about.

1.) Insanity - why I am not doing it anymore

2.) Endurance Convention

3.) My business

4.) My most spectacular horse failure and follow up great ride today

5.) What happened to endurance and me

6.) Musings on Orlando and Disney

7.) Saddle update

I am going to try hard to do a decent write up of each one. Maybe not in that order, but each will get a post. I am in the middle of thawing out hamburger to make dinner for tomorrow night, so I will start with an easy topic for tonight.

#1 - Insanity.

I liked the work out. I was feeling stronger and more fit even after only 1-2 weeks of doing it. I knew my abs looked tighter and that made me happy. It was not impossible to do it. I even would go as far as to say that I enjoyed some of the discs we did.

What I didn't enjoy was cramming it in at 8 pm and then crashing right afterward. 45 minutes a day 6 days a week is hard to dedicate to one activity. It meant no trips to the barn during the week (which was fine at the time, but isn't going to work starting now) and an ignored Gemmie (part of #4).  It was all consuming. But event hat I could make work for the first week. It was dark outside, so the barn was out anyway and I had nothing pressing to do except cook once every 3 nights for W (I know, you are thinking - what? what do you eat the other nights?? Well we cook two dishes at a time so one is for his lunches and the other dinners and each meal generally lasts 3 days for him)  and sit on the couch.

But then my business happened and now every night W goes to bed between 6:30-7pm and I hit the computer to get work done. There is an excessive amount of things that need done and a small time frame to do them in. So Insanity had to be pushed aside.

I don't know if I am going to pick it back up. I would like to say that I am. That I am going to finish it and not be another Shaun T drop out. But I don't think I will. I had a couple issues with the program (go figure!) but all in all I liked it. My one big issue was this: I could bust my butt for the 60 days (or whatever it is) and do it 45 minutes a night 6 nights a week and do nothing else that I enjoy (such as riding my horse) and be awesomely fit at the end. I do question when I would plateau on it, but lets assume I wouldn't. So here I am 60 days later, a new more fit me. Great. Now what? I am not going to devote the rest of my free time and life to it. I bet I would be able to maintain that level of fitness for what? a month? If I am lucky. Because here is the thing with Insanity. It isn't based on anything I normally do for fun, work, life. I don't do a lot of squats, jumping in the air, push ups etc...

We all know how quickly we lose fitness once we stop the activity. We don't just maintain it. I would end up losing everything I gained from doing the work out because I don't have 45 minutes a night 6 nights a week to continue the program. Once I went back to riding, it would be lost.

Anyway, I'm not saying it isn't worth it to lose some inches/pounds and get fit. It is. If you have the time. And maybe, once the business settles down a bit, I will find the time again. I think it would be easier to pick running back up if I had that much time. A 45 minute run even three days a week while riding another 3 would be much more realistic. We shall see.

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