March 17, 2014

I'm A Bad Blogger - And New Blog Feature

Too much to write about and not enough time!! I will get to my list of topics eventually. There is a lot to discuss and plans to make and changes to look forward to. But...first a new feature! As if I really needed another new feature that I can't keep up with. But I am excited about this. You might not be once you find out what it is, but I am. And it is my blog. :)

I cook a lot these days. Mostly by default because W needs to eat wholesome food full of veggies and nutrients. Our daycare is awesome but doesn't provide lunch. It was ok when we could buy the Sprout lunches he loved. They were organic, stuffed full of veggies and whole grains and low in sodium. But the company discontinued them to make other things and so now we have to cook. The good news is that he isn't a particularly picky eater. Unless it is way different than his normal food, he tends to scarf it down pretty readily. His favorite food is chicken nuggets and I am honestly surprised our friends at Tyson don't mix some veggies into the chicken mash that is a nugget so that kids could eat them and get their veggies too.

I don't actually like to cook and while I can follow a recipe and make most things turn out ok, I'm not imaginative in the kitchen. I don't have the basic understanding of what spices/herbs/seasonings go good together and how to do basic things. But cooking I do (and so does the hubs...we share the task a lot) and it usually occurs at 7 pm after W goes to bed so that I don't miss time with him when it is already so precious. A single meal will last 3 days for him (because at some point I randomly picked this as an ok time to eat the same thing in a clue why but it works) and so in our 2 week period between shopping trips we plan 8 meals. We also try to make 2 new meals in that period to expand the list of possibilities. Because nothing is worse than cooking except cooking the same 3 things over and over and over and over again.

And that finally brings me to the new blog feature. I will post weekly, hopefully anyway, what new meal we tried, what I thought about it, what W thought about it, and will eventually get a new page up with the recipes written out in case any sound appetizing. We started this over a month ago, so I am a little behind already.

One thing to note before I get into a recipe. I chose these based on some simple rules. They must be easy to make either at night after he goes to bed or in a crockpot. They should have veggies of some sort although a couple have none (oops on my part). W likes sauce, so most will have some sort of a sauce (although he pigs down on meatloaf and kielbasa without any sauce on it at all).

So lets start at the very beginning with the first recipe I tried.

I think I will make this a second post for today because this one is getting pretty long as it is.

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