March 28, 2014

Where Is My Brain?

(Wednesday Night)

Me: Wahoo!!! It is staying light out past 6 pm and I can ride in the evenings again. Watch out Gem!!! We are back in business!

Hubby: I guess that means you are going to the barn tonight?

Me: You betcha!

I happily change into my riding tights, put on a t-shirt and a long sleeve shirt and then remember that even though we are in the wonderful South and it is nearly April it isn't quite 70 at dusk yet (more like 50) and so I grab a fleece vest. As I am heading out I even remember to grab my Garmin so I can make sure I ride for an entire hour which seems like a lifetime in the arena.

Me: See ya in a couple hours hubby. Gonna go ride :)

Hubby: Can you stop and get some ink for the printer on your way home?

Me: Yep

I drive off to the barn thinking about what I want to do with Gem tonight. I am itching to learn the few trails on property just to get out of the arena and maybe the BO will be willing to jump on her horse and show me tonight.

I pull in and notice the horses are all gathered around the gate meaning they haven't been fed yet. That is my only complaint about FS Farms. Half the time we show up at 10 am and they aren't fed yet and then again at 7 pm.  But if that's the only complaint, we are doing just fine.

I gather up her bridle/halter and go get her. Ever since the addition of the supplements she hasn't been running away from me. Maybe she feels better. Maybe she thinks it is just that yummy. Or maybe she just really likes the extra attention. I'll take it either way. I catch her easily and we walk back to the trailer.

Me: Hi Gemmie. You are looking good. Your chunks of bare skin are starting to grow hair again which is awesome. Are you ready to work tonight?

Gem: Chuckle...she is such an idiot. We aren't riding tonight and I know it. Hehehehe...

Me: Pick your darn head up mare and walk! can't stop at every blade of grass and eat it. I want to get on before the sun goes down on us. Walk. Walk. Walk!

Ok...finally at the trailer. I'll just tie her up and go get the grooming bag.

Walk to tack room of it up... grab tack bag...and look up only to realize I don't have a saddle :( Sigh.

(I am currently using the Advantage demo saddle. Since I don't own it I am very paranoid about anything happening to it. I don't want it kept in the trailer just in case it gets wet or someone steals it or something. I leave it in my van most times. Except on Wed when the hubby is off work and takes the van for the day and removes it to make room for the dogs. And doesn't put it back.)

Walk back over to Gem who I swear knew this and had a grin on her face.

Me: Ok. Well, I guess no riding since there is no way I'm getting on bareback at dusk after you were a fire breathing monster this past weekend. Guess you have to suffer through a nice long grooming session.

So I spent the evening brushing her out really well. She is looking better. Her coat is starting to shine again. This is an odd time of year anyway for hair. It is starting to shed out like crazy so it is hard to work up a good shine, but she is getting there. Her bald patches are starting to grow in again and are not so dry and flaky. I put more of the Thrush No More powder on some small rain rot spots on her big hairy butt and Belly Balm on the bald spots.

Her feet are looking a little better too. They are staying more dry which is really nice. If it can actually not rain all the time maybe they will stay that way. I don't like the look of her frogs overly much. The back are stronger and better, but the fronts are cracked and flaking off. She isn't lame or anything. Adding more miles to her week will help strengthen them up quite a bit.

What was great about the night though was that the BO and the trainer lady were both there and in a talkative mood. I think I spent an hour plus with Gemmie before feeding her the powder (I can't believe she eats it plain) and putting her back out for her dinner. I then spent another hour plus hanging around and shooting the breeze with them about horses, riding stories etc.. Trainer lady is super nice (I seriously have never been told her name and have talked to her enough times now that asking her would be awkward) and said that if I ever ride on a Saturday and want a riding partner she is game. It was nice to get out and talk to non work people. I don't know anyone around here except work people, so it was great.

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