March 27, 2014

Saddle Update

I am not an overly religious person. I don't attend a church. I don't kneel down every night and pray. But I do have an almost constant conversation going with the entity I call God and others call by other names. To me there is just too many "coincidences" in life to make sense that it is all random. Of course there are huge questions I have that would be nice to have an answer to, but I am sure it all comes in due time. Anyway... there have been some very distinct moments in my life where I have had to pause and am absolutely 100% certain that God had his hand directly in what happened. Others can argue that I am nuts, but you won't ever change that belief.

One of these times just happened.

The new business is draining us of every spare cent we have. I truly hope I make it work and make enough money with it to cover our bills and have a modest life style. I made a big mistake when I formed the business which ended up costing us an extra $1500 (which we really didn't have) and we needed to come up with a $1000 deposit on the building we are buying. That is $2500 of which we had very little in hand.

As you know, the saddle selling has been a debacle. Between all the scam replies, people wanting it for next to nothing and then the company going out of business making the sale even less likely and causing me to drop the price, I never thought it would sell. True, a part of me didn't want it to sell so that I could have it back and hope it would fit my next horse, but it did need to sell.

The exact day we got all these emails about needing to come up with money we didn't have I got an email out of the blue that the saddle sold. Outright.

See...the company selling it for me offers two ways to buy it. One is to take it out on a 3 day trial period. The price is higher for this due to the risk of sending it out on demo and if this happens I would get an email saying that it was out on demo. The other way is to just buy it outright. This has a $200 less price tag, but the sale is final. Meaning they can't return it if it doesn't fit them or the horse.

You can't tell me (or I guess you could, but I wouldn't really listen to you) that this coincidence of my saddle finally selling outright for only slightly less than the total we owe all these other people just happened.

So...there it is. My lovely WISE saddle has sold. We are waiting on the check to arrive, but I have confirmation that it did in fact sell outright as a final sale. Now I just need to hope that the Advantage lady doesn't ask for her demo back prior to my new one coming (if it ever does) or I am going to have to learn how to go bareback real quick.

I would 100% definitely recommend Maryland Tack Exchange for any high end saddle you need to sell. Yes, they take 20%. But they handle all the advertising, picture taking and trial periods for you and cut you the check. They were super nice to work with even through all the changes with the price and they really had no clue about the WISE saddle. I'm sure if you sent them a more well known saddle model/make they would be even more helpful.

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