June 10, 2015

Storms A Brewin'

The plan: 

Have Dusty pick Wyatt up at school so I could head straight to the barn from work to get some riding in. Temperatures were in the low 90s which is great for heat conditioning work. Ride for an hour using intervals of trot and canter around the grassy lanes to get heart rate up. Be home in time for dinner and bed.

The Execution:

Show up on time and hear random thunder in the distance. Grab Gem from pasture and put her in cross ties while making a mash. Note that the temperature has dropped significantly since arrival. Look out barn door to see a darkening sky and lightening. Hear loud thunder moving closer. Decide to give Gem her mash now and watch as the storm front moves in. Beg Gem to hurry up and eat already so you don't get stuck in a thunder storm. Put her back out, clean up barn aisle mess and run to car just as the sky lets loose and the lightening begins big time. Drive past pasture and swear Gem is laughing at you.

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