June 18, 2015

Color Me Black And Red


I am so very excited that I couldn't possibly add enough exclamation points to convey it.

Wednesday morning I called Renegade bright and early to discuss my boot fitting woes. I then realized that they were not on the East coast and therefore were not open bright and early my time. I extricated my heart from my throat and waited until a normal West Coast time to call back.

I got Ashley.

Now everything I have read about Renegade as a company has been so positive about their customer service that I found myself being a little skeptical. As I am wont to be. I must say that everything I had heard was true and then some.

I called and spoke briefly with her about my Gemmiecakes. She then gave me her email address to send her pictures since I was so worried that her heels may be too high for the captivators to sit properly. She emailed me back very quickly and assured me that while Gem may not be the next Renegade Hoof Model Extraordinaire (ok she didn't say those words) that her heels even in the front were well within the range for the boots to fit and function.

I was psyched.

She recommended that I go with Vipers all around which actually surprised me since I had heard the Vipers were for the rounder hoof and Gem is pretty oval in the back. She wanted the original captivators up front and the Vipers for the better tread in our slick SC clay soil. Size 130 x 120 for both. I ordered those in Red.

She then recommended that I go with the Viper capitvators in the back and said to go with the 125 x 115. Apparently Gem is between sizes in the hinds (HA! I knew it) for the Renegades, but the Vipers are much more customizable for sizing and these are her go to for those in between hooves. I ordered them in Black.

Then she emailed right back saying that she actually knew us! She follows the blog!! HI ASHLEY!!
I was super stoked that she recognized us. She offered up a trial box of 4-5 different shells that we could try for a small fee. I was tempted to do that and it was probably the smarter thing to do, but honestly I am tired of fit kits and trials. I want to try the whole shebang all at once and they have a 30 day exchange policy so if these aren't quite right I can send them back.

She recommended I either call to order or do it online, but I didn't want to mess it up with the asking for different captivators up front. I called and got someone else who was equally awesome. She placed my order and then offered up a $40 discount. Apparently they have some boots that come off the line with a bubble or a scuff or some other cosmetic defect that makes them not perfect. She assured me that they are 100% sound and fully functional and still have the same warranty. Except they are $20 less a pair. Sign me up.

My pretty new boots are on there way. She said 2-3 days and it is Thursday so there is a small chance they may make it here by Saturday so I can try them this weekend. I have a hunter pace to go to that is 6 miles of really good trails, so it would be a nice test.



  1. Hi Sara!! So glad you got your boots ordered! The other person you'll get on the phone if it's not me is Gina, who is one of the owners of the company. Looking forward to seeing pictures of Gem in her new boots!

  2. Aha! I saw the pics of her feet and thought, "I think she'll do well in Vipers!" But I was going to leave it to the experts at Lander. I'm not as clueless as I thought! ;)

    The Vipers are better for round and/or oval hooves. The Renegades are better for spade-shaped hooves (think pointier toes, wider squared heels).

    SO excited for you! When those boots work, they work like a charm! I hope they are everything you are expecting and more! And Ashley is awesome. :D