June 24, 2015

How Not To Trim Your Mare

1.) Decide to do it at 5 pm when it is 100F (literally) with high humidity

2.) Leave barn clothes in your car all day in the sun

3.) Pull on hot breeches and scald your legs in the process. Curse yourself for being too lazy to bring them inside the air conditioned building

4.) Realize you forgot water

5.) Grab horse and put in crossties and get to work. Become a sweaty mess within minutes and no longer be able to see due to all the sweat running into your eyes.

6.) Hear distant thunder

7.) Continue trimming as a thunder storm rolls over head and rain starts to pound the metal roof

8.) Praise Gem for being the wonderful mare that she is and not being fazed by it all

9.) Drink copious amounts of water from the barn hose then have the BO tell you the pipe is lead lined and to drink from the other spigot

10) Notice that the rain dropped the temperature about 10-15 degrees and smile

11) 10 minutes later realize that the humidity has just sky rocketed and it is hotter than ever

12) Finish up some amazingly long time later, completely soaked through with sweat with a drenched mare and still have boot fitting to get done

13) Hug your horse a million times

1 comment:

  1. Ok, number eight made me snort water through my nose - because that would so be me.