June 26, 2015

Renegade Fitting Take 2

Are you all bored with her boot fitting posts yet? Sorry. Probably one more after this one. Since it continues to be insanely hot and not safe to ride, this is about all I have to write about anyway. Plus I want to keep all these thoughts written down in case I need to get new boots or for the inevitable day when Gem gets retired and I have to fit a new one. Lets just hope that is 10+ years away, shall we?

Due to my own procrastination, needing to gather funds, and attempts at other boots first I am running short on time to make exchanges and still feel confident going into WV. The original thought was to try the fronts on her for our long ride this Sunday. If they didn't work, though, I would then have to wait for Monday to roll around to get in touch with Renegade, mail them out Tuesday and probably not get the next pair until the following Monday. That would mean that my last long ride weekend would be bootless by default of not having them.

Instead, I ditched Jazzercize on Thursday night and went to swelter at the barn. It is a good thing I am my own boss because I doubt anyone would have tolerated me watching the Viper video and lengthening the cables in the middle of a work day. Gem was happy to come inside with me and stood politely for the boot placement. She is becoming a pro at patiently allowing me to mess with her while she dozes.

I decided to take her for a run around the mare pasture this time for two reasons a) it actually has a hill that is fairly steep although short and b) it has a lot more bare hard packed clay versus grass to see how she moves out on that. I was a sweaty pig with a big headache after only a mile and was thankful to get back to the barn. These triple digits need to go away!

She moved the same as before: heel first landing, happy to trot or canter.

Here is the deal:

The left front is both a smidge too short and too narrow. Enough that they agreed it should go up a size. Keep same small original captivators. Now that I know how to adjust the cables and why I can mess with lengthening or shortening them as needed to get things situated right. Size 135 x 125. Those are getting to be big feet!!

The right front fit perfectly. The captivator sat just right, no scuff mark, no flipping. With a perfect fit I have two options: keep them and hope her feet don't get even a single mm larger in any direction or also go up a size. I hemmed and hawed, asked Renegade who wasn't very passionate either wa, and then annoyed Liz about it as well. Consensus: go up a size. 135 X 125 original small captivator for this hoof too.

The hinds are going back for next size up shell and viper captivators size D.

These will all go out to them today to hopefully arrive by Tues so I can get my new set in by next weekend for our last long ride weekend.

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  1. Wow time is going fast!

    I'm thrilled at how all of this is panning out for you! And I'm certainly NOT bored by all of your boot fitting posts! In fact, I might contact Ashley again about Lily's Vipers and see if we can't give them another whirl, at least for her hinds.