June 13, 2015

For The Movies

Any Buck Cherry fans out there catch the title? No? Too bad...its a good song.

Throughout high school and college one of my great friends, Tim, and I went to the movies at least weekly if not more frequently. Going to the movies was one of my all time favorite things to do and it's a self perpetuating and addictive past time. You go to the theater and watch previews of which at least one will strike your fancy. So you remind yourself to see it when it comes out. Then a preview from that one catches your eye and so on. I couldn't tell you how many movies we went to see. Then another good friend, Caroline, got a summer job at the theater and it was a free for all. It didn't even matter anymore if a movie looked interesting. We saw it anyway. Add to that a kick ass drive in that was kept in good condition with double features for $5 and there was nary a movie we didn't see.

Of course movies were like $4 back then plus we had a theater that showed movies after they'd been pulled by the other theaters but before they came out on VHS. Yep...you read that right. This was all pre DVDs. This theater charged $1 and had a candy stand in front with 10 pieces of candy for $1 and $0.50 cans of pop. It was the life.

This love of the big screen carried into my marriage too and Dusty and I went a lot while I was in med school. Prices had soared to $8 by the time I moved from OH to WI, which made me a little more picky about which ones I saw versus waited for on DVD. I remember one epic day of seeing a movie in the theater then following it with a double feature at a not so kick ass but serviceable drive in in OH.

Since the little man has joined our family we have only seen one movie In 2.5 years and it was the poorly executed with even worse castes Les Mis in February of 2013. That's a long time to go without stepping foot in a theater.

For my birthday back in April my brother got me gift cards to Fandango and I finally sorta got to use them Friday night. I say sorta because apparently if you hand your Fandango gift cards to the theater cashier they look at you like you just stepped off the short bus. You have to redeem them online first. Oops. We paid out of pocket and I danced a little dance inside at the thought of getting to see another movie in the future. Win for me!

My brother and his crew watched Wyatt for us and we saw Spy. Dusty wanted to see Jurassic World but I love Statham and they were my tickets so Spy it was. I'm so very glad I chose it.

I won't bore you all with the movie itself, but it was hysterically funny. I can't remember the last movie that made me laugh out loud like that. I actually don't really tend to like Melissa McCartheys humor much but she had me in tears.

It was a great time out and a much needed reprieve from a lot of work crap that keeps getting me down. I had some flash backs to my more carefree days and I really miss going to the movies. I can't wait until Wyatt is old enough to go with me. Some of my best memories with my dad was going to the movies with him. We saw all sorts together and I really looked forward to our father daughter dates at the theater. I hope Wyatt does too in the future.


  1. Jurassic World was a solid A- for plot and storyline but A+ for adrenaline. Great addition to the Jurassic movie set.

    Pitch Perfect 2 is fantastic!! I want to go see it again!!

    San Andreas is as expected. T and I enjoyed it a lot.

    T started watching movies at 2. We saw all of the HP movies, all of the Pixar that came out and the LOTR series. We were worried The Two Towers would be too much since he was three, but the kid stood on his seat and cheered on Legolas as the Wargs charged over the hill. His fascination and obsession with movies is still incredible today. Maybe you could try taking Wyatt?

    1. You know, I have only ever seen the first one and that was when it was in the theater and I was in 5th grade. The regular showing was sold out when we arrived and I wasn't going to pay the extra $$ for an Imax showing of it. I hadn't even thought about taking Wyatt to the theater at 2. Hmmm.. I wonder how he would do? He does watch movies at home, but has not made it through any in one sitting. He loses interest at about an hour. Of course the big screen, louder volume and candy might make him stay longer. I will have to talk to Dusty and see what his thoughts are.