July 26, 2014

Welcoming Einstein to the Hoarde

Last fall a puppy ended up on our doorstep. Actually, she ended up on our neighbor's doorstep but they didn't want to take her inside and we couldn't leave her out, so we took her in. Hero was still in good form back then and W was just trying to take some steps so the timing was horrible and we found her a great home.
It did get us thinking about what we would want in a dog if we got a new dog at some point. We both wanted similar things: a dog who could stay at home during the week without going crazy, tolerant of the baby, and yet active enough to go horseback riding with me and running with the hubs on top of our usual hikes.
We debated and debated and I came up with a Basset Hound and the Hubby countered with a Boykin Spaniel (the state dog of SC).  Actually, I really wanted an adult dog who was already housebroken and didn't nip or chew and could go from day 1, but the hubby was adamant about getting a puppy. So when we caught word of a litter of Boykin pups ready to go home we went out and looked. The hubby wanted a male, so we chose the best of the three and then waited two weeks to go get him.
Last weekend was two weeks and in the drizzly rain Saturday morning we went and got him. The litter was raised completely outside and he was underweight, smelled bad and had some skin funk going on. A medicated shampoo, a bath with W and some good food later and he is looking much, much better.
He is adorable. He weighed in at 6 1/4 pounds which makes the big Bones look like a monster. He is a rich, chocolate brown with curly ears that flop down and golden eyes. He should grow up into a generally curly coat with wild spikey hair on his forehead (hence the name Einstein). A lot of the older ones get golden tips to the curls too from the sun which looks nice. Apparently, he should also grow into a dog who loves sitting on the couch snuggling, but is up and ready for activity at the drop of the hat.
Playing with the hubs
Time for a puppy nap!

Currently, he chews. And chews and chews and chews. On everything. Hands, toes, pants, shoes, remote controls, cords, the carpet, the cats, toys, everything. I was spoiled with my man Hero. Even as a pup he never chewed, never destroyed anything at all. Einstein? He chews.

Chewing. He chews on everything.
But he also loves W a ton. He follows him around everywhere and is always ready for hugs and kisses. In fact, he is way more tolerant than either Hero or Bones ever were, even as puppies. Wyatt picks him up and carries him around and even threw him across the room once (yes, we told him that wasn't so good) and the puppy just keeps coming back for more. They should grow into best buds as long as W doesn't squash him first. 

W leading Einstein around the house on his leash
 He also cuddles. He is a supreme grade A cuddler. Mostly on top of you, but sometimes beside you and always touching you. He goes into full on crazy puppy mode for 10 minutes and then falls asleep. He does sleep with us at night, much to the hubby's annoyance. He would prefer him in his kennel, but he loves snuggling so much and it is easier to tell when he has to pee when he wakes you up licking your face. Otherwise we would need to set the alarm which could potentially wake up W.

Wednesday night, though, I think he ran out of his good fortune on the bed thing. At about 2:30 in the morning we heard a loud thump and then Einstein started screaming. He fell off the bed. He wasn't hurt, but he was scared. The hubby checked him out and put him back on the bed and he ran straight up to me, climbed on the pillow and wrapped his body around my head. He stayed there until 5:30am. Poor little guy. The hubby said it would be the crate from then on. We will see.

I like him. I'm not madly in love with him mainly because his puppy-ness is driving me crazy. He isn't house trained and won't be for a while. He nips a ton. He barks at everything. And he is generally always under foot and a big pain in the rear. I wanted an older dog to avoid this stage. But...hopefully he will grow into a fine dog. He is such a little tyke and is only 7 weeks old, so I am giving him space to grow. I do believe though that our next dog will be older.

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