July 23, 2014

Catching Up

Sometimes in life things are slow and boring and others it pours down on you. I have been in pouring down on me mode since the Biltmore ride. I love it though and wouldn't have it any other way.

Things to catch you up on:

1) We moved the Dynamic Duo into their new digs. I even got out last night for my first ride there. That is definitely a story worthy of a post and I even remembered to take pictures. Unfortunately, they are all on my phone and my phone is currently MIA so this will have to wait another day.

2) Einstein joined our family over the weekend and is both totally adorable and driving me nuts. I now remember why I didn't want a puppy in the first place. He just may be our last puppy. Older dog adoptions from here on out! Pics of him are on the phone as well...so you will have to wait for this too.

3) I ordered hoof boots finally. Very interesting ones that I am really excited and hopeful about.

4) Future plans are being made...changed...made again...and changed once again. I need to make a decision soon about the next ride or I will miss the deadline for registration.

I think I will talk more about my plans today since that requires no photos at all.

It used to be so simple. Check the ride calendar, make sure I wasn't on call that weekend and choose a ride within 3-4 hours (of which there were usually 2-3 to pick from), pack up and head out. Now there are so few rides that are within driving distance, I have a business to run, a baby to love and take care of, a puppy addition and the hubby's own race schedule to take into account. When did life get so complicated? I know...just wait until W is older and has his own sport things and school activated to plan around as well.

The one downfall to living down here in the Land of Sunshine is the lack of rides in what I consider a reasonable driving range (3-4 hours). I was spoiled in the Arctic North with 2-3 rides every single weekend to choose from. Now I have maybe one a month if I'm lucky. Which isn't so bad in reality, since that's about all I could get to anyway, but having choices is nice.

So....looking at the ride calendar and keeping in mind that September 20th is our 50 mile debut, there is only one option between now and then...Iron Mountain in Ivanhoe VA at the end of August. There are pluses and minuses to this ride: it is 4 weeks out so a great time to put in some hot and heavy miles, mountain trails to really work her butt and make a flatter 50 seem easier and truth be told I'm kinda a little tired of riding at Biltmore, but on the downside it is very rocky, hoof protection is required and I'm not so sure she is all that ready for a  mountain ride having not ever conditioned her in the mountains.

I really, really want to do two days there: 30 miles on Friday and then a 15 or 30 mile Ride and Tie Saturday. Apparently, I am the only insane person who thinks running half the ride in the mountains is a good idea, because everyone has backed out on me. I could post a plea on the wonderful Facebook or email the director, but the thought of putting someone brand new to me up on Gem and running away from them just gives me the heebie jeebies. Now I just need to decide which day I want to ride: 30 miles on Friday or 25 miles Saturday, if I'm going to ride at all. This all hinges on those fancy new hoof boots fitting her and being worth their weight in gold. That is to be determined once they show up sometime this week or early next. If those don't pan out then the ride is out all together, but assuming they do ok I think Saturday is more feasible although there was some reason I wanted to do Friday. I think the completion prizes are different for each day with one being a ride t-shirt (which I really really want) and the other being a ride photo (which I also want but could purchase) but I can't remember which day was which.

Assuming the ride occurs that gives us 4 weeks to maintain our condition and improve slightly before Biltmore 2.0 (cuz its our second time there:) in September.

Then I believe that calls it quits for the 2014 season. Unless.....

Biltmore 2.0 doesn't pan out due to either not getting to even start the thing or getting pulled/over time/rider optioning out.

If that were to happen I have a plan B...Broxton Bridge in November. But this isn't so simple either because it is only 2 weeks out from Biltmore 2.0 so the reason we didn't complete would have to be simple enough to change/over come in 2 weeks time. If that is possible, then we will re route to Broxton to attempt our 50 mile completion.

Then I believe that calls it quits for the 2014 season. For real. Because even if we don't get to start or complete Broxton there are no more rides doable for us until I think like March.

So there it all is in a nutshell. My plans for the finish of the 2014 season here in the SE.

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