July 31, 2014

In Which I Didn't Die

I got Gemmie out on the barn trails again Tuesday night. The last time she was a complete nut job, so my expectations weren't so high this time. It usually will take her about a month or so to calm down at a new barn even though she seems nice and content in her pasture. I have to remind myself sometimes where we came from (like taking 45 minutes to walk down the lane which was maybe 0.2 miles long) and not be so surprised when new things like this pop up.


It was another perfect evening down here. I really am the most content here than any other place we have lived. The scenery, the people, the weather. Just perfect.

I tend to groom her next to the trailer outside since all my grooming supplies are nicely hung on the trailer door. I don't feel like moving them, so she gets her body care out there and then taken inside for tacking up. She actually went into the barn without a temper tantrum and only snorted at the wild beasts rabbits in their cage and she stood nicely in the cross ties. The BO was there and Gem even propped up a hoof and took a snooze while we chatted!

I decided to head up the pond hill again to give her something to focus on. It took a little bit to convince her that turning around to charge back up to her pasture wasn't going to happen, but once we got through that she actually walked up the hill. It was a little rushy and tense, but it was a walk so I was very happy. We also managed to go down the back side without crashing through the trees as badly. Progress.

The Garmin read 0.47 miles back at the barn. Not the greatest hill, but definitely a decent one to do hill sets on if I was ever inclined to do so.

We then made our way behind the barn through the arena and into the hay field. I pointed her to the woods and up the next hill to end up in front of her pasture. She recognized this part and decided to gallop up the hill. It was one of only 2 moments where the panic began to rise in me. Not too shabby. I slowed her down before we got to the large, flat, slick rock that crosses the entire path about half way up and then we plopped back out into the field on top of the hill. She decided we were finished, but we weren't so I forced her back down the hill.

Garmin read just over 1 mile.

Back out of the woods we made our way down the outer perimeter of the hay field to the trial in the back right corner and took this to the road, down the road a titch and back along a parallel trail to the field again. We then followed the field back up, over to the arena and to the barn.

Garmin rad 2.16 miles in 36 minutes.

I was a tad disappointed that the trails were longer and with how short each segment is, it is difficult to pick up and maintain any speed. But it is better than riding in a circle during the week, so I will make the best of it. I still need to find the power lines which are said to run for many miles. If that is the case and it is safely passable, that may be our best bet.

All in all I was pleased with the mare. She only protested a few times and I was even able to have her on a lose rein for some of it. Speed will come eventually, but she has settled in better here than places in the past.

I forgot to bring the boots with me and the new size 13 for the fronts wont get here until Saturday, so no report on how they continue to do. I had plans to ride with S this weekend to try out all 4 and she is interested in what they are and how they perform, but a storm has blown in and chances of rain are high until Wed of next week. I admit to being a fair weather rider. I don't mind heat or cold and ride my best rides in the winter (I would ride down to -5 up north without a second thought, but lower than that and I didn't bother), but rain? Nope. Been there, done that and it was unpleasant.

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