July 10, 2014


I had a lovely (albeit slightly boring) post all about my electrolyte plans for the weekend all typed up and ready to be posted today. But then I woke up this morning with my stomach in a knot and butterflies flying and all sorts of nervousness going on. So...you can read the boring post tomorrow when I am in camp and not writing.

I have so much to do before I leave for the barn tomorrow morning at 0630. This includes:

Packing Clothes
Packing Truck
Packing Gear
Purchasing of Food
Making of Pot Luck Item
Purchasing of Last Minute Items I Didn't Even Think Of
Charging Phone
Finding Camera and Charger and Charging It

I have from 7pm when W goes to bed until 630 tomorrow morning to do all the above. The annoying part is that this little thing called "work" is taking up much of my day today.

I did cancel Gem's massage appointment for this evening. I was looking forward to it, but two things stopped me:

1) I've not used this lady before and while she comes highly recommended, I don't want to risk Gem getting sore from it and then not passing the initial vet inspection tomorrow afternoon. She will get one next week as a recovery massage instead.

2) Time. If I kept the appointment for 6:30 tonight that would take up all my time for the above list leaving me doing it in a rush at midnight. I can guarantee I will forget things, but if I pushed it back that far I would forget just about everything.

With all that in mind my plan is to work super hard to get everything done before bed tonight, get up at 6 tomorrow morning and head out by 6:30am. That will give me enough time to hook up the trailer, grab Gem, load up and hit the road to S's farm and then head to Biltmore.

See you all on Monday!!

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