July 16, 2014

Biltmore 25 Mile LD Ride 7/12/14: Gear

I'm pretty sure this will be my last post on the subject. Maybe. Unless I can think up something else. Here is what we used this weekend and some notes:

New Items:

None of these were truly brand new for a ride, but were new to this distance.

Advantage saddle, Reinsman wool saddle pad and mohair girth: performed very well. Equal sweat pattern all around and no sore spots to prodding. Saddle stayed put even at the faster pace and with hills. My right knee was a little touchy out of the saddle at both the hold and the end, but I think this will go away with lengthening the stirrup a bit. She had no girth galls or rubs, but the vet noted a slight twitch when she rubbed the area at the end. She made note of it in a FYI fashion. I will keep an eye on it. I'm loving the saddle and can't wait until I someday get my own.

Just Chaps Half Chaps: comfortable and not overly hot. They stayed put without twisting around like my leather ones started to do near the end. No wear noted at the end of the ride, so maybe they will stand the test of time after all.

EZ UP Saddle Caddy: Oh, the color is a god awful Pepto-Bismol pink. But it held my saddle and stuff just fine. The hubby wheeled it back to camp at the end for me and it pulled just fine. It still tends to want to collapse on itself. There is one bar at the very front the is needed for balance once it is at rest, but it doesn't stay when in motion. It is serviceable and I will continue to use now that I own it, but would not buy it again. I think the more expensive ones may pull a little easier.

E-Lytes: She didn't eat, so any powder form on her food is useless. I was very glad I thought ahead and grabbed the applesauce and syringe. She tanked up which is either because a) she is awesome like that or b) the elytes made her thirsty. I'm not willing to experiment with none at a ride to check which is true. I like giving her the supplement because I know it is easy on her stomach and it gives her more than just sodium and potassium. It is loaded with good things, so I think I will stick to it and make sure I have something to mix it in for the hold.

Camelbak: It workd in regards to hydration. I was able to drink the entire ride and while it was a bit warm towards the end, it was so nice to drink throughout. I wasn't dehydrated. it didn't bounce at all and even with 2L of water and some stuff stashed in the back, it wasn't overly heavy. But...it chafed the left side of y neck badly. The hubby suggested I get one made for running, but I just got this one and would like to monkey with it a bit. I think wrapping the straps in fleece may help a good bit.

Old Items That Continue To Work:

Halter/Bridle Combo

French Link Full Cheek Snaffle Bit: questionable with regards to the beginning of the ride, but I doubt anything would work that well when she gets that worked up. She didn't bolt and take off on me so it did keep her in check to a degree

Irideon riding tights

Brooks running shoes

Bare hooves

All in all most things worked out really well. I'm not planning on making any major changes to anything at this time.

Items to Purchase Prior To Next Ride:

Buckets. Lots of buckets for sponge water at the hold.

Large sponges

That's about it!!

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