July 9, 2014

Packing List

My high school had an outdoor cub: hiking, backpacking, cross country skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking, and canoeing were all offered. Canoeing seemed like the best choice out of the group and so I convinced a friend to sign up with me in 9th grade. Little did I know that that was the best choice I could have ever made. Joining the club brought me so many friends, experiences and memories that could never be replaced. It also involved lots and lots and lots of camping. I became a pretty darn good camper knowing what was essential to bring and what could be left behind. Especially since I weighed in at 90 pounds soaking wet and couldn't carry as much as some others.

Because of this I am very bare bones basic when it comes to camping. There was a recent post on the endurance forum about what you need for "primitive" camping and I laughed until I cried when I saw the responses. To me primitive camping means you need food and water for you and your horse, a safe place to contain your horse and somewhere to sleep (sleeping bag, tent, your truck, a hammock). That's it. The responses this poor person got included everything from a generator to a shower to who knows what. I'm not against having amenities (although I am against you calling it camping when you bring a hotel on wheels with you), but that's not primitive and it isn't essential to have.

Anyway....this all brings us to my packing list for the weekend. What all will I be bringing to the ride? Be careful: this is very basic and no frills, but it is only for 1 night and seriously I just don't like all the fuss of bringing my entire house with me.

Saddle pad x 2
Bridle x 2
Halter and lead rope
Portable corral
Grooming equipment
Grain: her regular 10% feed plus a bag of sweet feed (kept in a cleaned out plastic kitty litter tub so 40 lbs of each)
Hay: 2 bales of her regular coastal
Mineral supplement
Elytes in some form or another (need to solidify this)
2 buckets for water
2 buckets for grain
2 hay bags
Muck bucket
Saddle caddy/rack
14 gallons of water (S has 100 gallons in her truck that I will have access to as well)
Fleece cooler
Coggins paperwork
Bug spray and belly balm

I think that is it. Pretty low key stuff. All of that is basically already in my trailer for our day to day rides except the portable corral, grain, hay, applesauce and carrots.

I'm still up in the air on electrolytes. I will write a new post on that to avoid cluttering this.

Clothes to wear there and back again (probably the same outfit, but will bring a second just in case)
Riding tights and matching shirt
A cooler of beverages (water, pepsi, Gatorade)
A cooler of food
Cell phone
Nalgene bottle
Garmin watch
Running shoes to ride in
Camp shoes
Sleeping bag

S offered up her trailer to sleep in and I will make that a spur of the moment choice. It will be her and her junior and there isn't much room. I may just sleep in the truck or in the back of the trailer which I've done before. I don't feel like setting up the tent for one night.

And that's it. Nothing fancy. I probably really should work on putting together a small horse first aid kit. I think that will be my next project before the ride in August.

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