June 23, 2014

Weekends Until Biltmore: 3

(Technically as of today there are two remaining, but this is in reference to this past weekend)

Three weekends left until our southeast endurance/limited distance debut. What did I do with it? Not ride. I did actually go see the Gemmiecakes, so that counts for something. She is looking really great. Super fit and shiny and is super happy as well. I went out Friday morning and did some things that I will post about separately, but she had the entire weekend off and actually she has had the entire week off.

The hubby had a big race this weekend and a good friend of his flew in from California to run it with him, so that took my entire weekend. I was glad for the break from riding and it was really nice to go support the hubby and get to hang out with his friend. Also, the running culture and community is so different from that of endurance and it was actually really refreshing to be around that again. I miss going to races.

S got in a great hot and humid 20 mile hilly ride this weekend on her mare. I was a little sad I didn't get to go, but then I am just not convinced that Gem needs a hot and humid 20 mile ride this close to her LD. I know she needs to be fit and trim and conditioning is needed, but there is just something holding me back from wanting to put that many miles on her feet. We never did anywhere close to that in a conditioning ride before and she did just fine. Again, I am not saying we are going to win this thing or even finish it, but I really believe a lot of people over do it in training.

I will get a ride in this coming weekend. Not sure how long it will end up being, but I do want to get her out with 2 weeks to go.

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