June 15, 2014

Pre Biltmore Strategy

If only there were more hours in a day. Or less work that needed to be done.

What I want to do and what will happen in reality are usually very different and I have no misconceptions that this will go any differently. I want to go into the ride with a fit horse, but I also want to go into the ride on a well rested horse. I personally think most endurance riders over train, over ride and over condition. Gem is fit. She is ready. The only thing she could use more work on is cardio, but distance is doing pretty darn well.

With the entry form submitted we now have 4 weekends left (including this current one). This is how I would love to see it play out:

Weekend #1: A 15 mile ride at a decent pace. Not necessarily 7 mph, but would like to keep at least a 4-5 mph pace going.

Weekend #2: A fast, but short ride. Do the green 6.5 mile loop at Clemson, but keep a strong 7-9 mph pace

Weekend #3: One last longer ride 10-12 miles, 5 mph pace

Weekend #4: short and slow ride, 6.5 miles 3 mph, just to stretch those legs

Here is the reality of the situation:

Weekend #1: Continue to finish up the move plus I have been dealing with a sore throat and fever for the last 2 days. Probably will get the 9 mile red loop in at 3.5-4 mph

Weekend #2: Hubby is running a 100 mile run with his friend coming into town from CA to join him. No riding at all.

Weekend #3: A long ride with S, hopefully 15+ miles at a decent pace

Weekend #4: short and slow ride to get the legs stretched

I still have the week nights to use as well, but a huge complication has come up with that (I am working on that post was well, but have deleted it 3 times for various reasons) and my time out there is very limited. I want to get 2 good speed work outs in each week for the next two weeks. 30 -45 minutes of trot and canter work each. Should be doable. I may be able to eek a ride in next Friday before R flies in from Cali as long as I get myself up early enough. That may be a nice short and fast ride day.

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