June 4, 2014

VC Blog Hop: Let's Make a Baby (horse, not human :)

Hmmm...breeding the Gemmiecakes, huh? The initial post asked to please ignore personal thoughts on backyard breeding (for the record I am strongly against it) and just have fun with the topic.

Unfortunately, I have not put any thought whatsoever into breeding Gem. Don't get me wrong. I do thoroughly love my Gemmiecakes. Each ride is getting better and better and Sunday after a conditioning ride I thought not only how lucky I am to have her but how very far the two of us have come. But breed her? No way!

But....to play along the best I can here are my thoughts:

What Gemmie brings to the table:
Good, solid confirmation. A strong back, straight legs and a gorgeous hind end. She has muscle to spare and holds onto it well. She easily brings her impulsion from her hind end naturally.

Excellent hooves. I'm talking most.awesome.hooves.ever.

Brains. She is very smart and while she usually uses that in a negative fashion, she can learn quickly and is easy(ish) to train.

Not mareish at all. I can never even tell when she is in heat because she acts the exact same. She is low mare on the totem pole, never picks a fight and doesn't do anything aggressive. Her temperament in this regard is perfect.

Awesome bay coloring :) I love me a brown horse. If I did breed her she would have the potential to produce a more colorful foal. She is registered as a breeding stock pinto and comes from a line of color, so a small Gemmie baby might be colorful if bred to the right sire.

Things left to be desired:
Work ethic. Oh man she is one lazy horse when push comes to shove.  A sire that brings a strong desire to work would be great.

On that note, a more enhanced desire to please would be great. And definitely add in some loving attitude.

More loft to her step. She isn't the most springy mover although she can be when she wants to. Basically she has learned efficient movement and daisy clips her way down the trail. A lot of Arabians have a nice spring to their step.

From what I know of the various Arabian lines out there (which is admittedly very little) I think I would look into the Egyptian lines as they tend to be known as being very people loving, friendly and possess that desire to please that my mare lacks. CMK breeding is also up there on my list for a great endurance prospect.

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