June 12, 2014


Sorry for yet another non horse related post. Gemmie will get her turn tomorrow again.

Moving is no fun. If you want to see how quickly all of your family and friends can disappear on you, just ask them to help you move. Actually we have been really lucky/blessed with help in the past. Our big move down south only occurred due to the help of our friend B and my sister-in-law. But this move found us going solo - just the hubby and I - with a house full of obscenely heavy furniture and a time limit.

The plan was simple, but aren't they always? Who makes insanely complicated plans? Anyway...

Pick up truck Tuesday night.
Load as much as possible after W went to bed.
Take him to day care Wed morning then head back to current house (CH) to finish up
Head to new house (NH) to unload and finish before 5 pm to pick W back up

There were two minor issues in advance: gas man was to be at NH between 12-4 to turn gas on and farrier was due at the barn between 1030 and 11. This wasn't too big of a deal though and we planned to have the hubby stay at the NH unloading/unpacking while I went to the barn. Done.

But....that is most definitely not what happened.

It all began on Tuesday. The hubby went and picked up the truck (thankfully it was actually there) and came home in time to say goodnight to W. Great. Lets load!! And then we found out problem #1: no dolly, no pads. Crap. No moving furniture.

Ok...lets go to plan B. We decided to load up all the boxes and any lighter furniture that the hubby could unload by himself and take the first load over to the NH Tuesday night. Done.

Wednesday morning we took W to daycare (swimming and snow cone day!!) and headed back to the truck store to get the dolly and moving pads. By the time we got back to the CH it was already 845 and time was getting tight. Fortunately, the farrier texted saying he would be there at 1 pm, so that gave us more time.

We loaded up all the incredibly heavy furniture. I mean seriously heavy furniture. I should shop at Ikea. At least the furniture would be light then. But instead I use my great grandmother's bedroom furniture which is from when it was actually made out of solid, real wood. Which is why it has last so long. But man, that stuff is heavy! Anyway.....

It was getting late and we needed to leave by 1030 to give us time to go the 40 minutes to NH, unpack and then the 45+ minutes to the barn, catch the beasts and meet the farrier. This meant we had to leave some things behind. That meant another trip was in order. Boo.

We got to NH, unloaded and by this time I had one massive migraine. Pete is notoriously hard to catch in the pasture and I wasn't in the mood to deal with him, so I sent the hubs. I waited for the gas man and unpacked all the kitchen stuff, moved some lighter furniture in and just when I kicked off my shoes to rest, the hubby came back. Darn. There went my nap.

It was 330 and we still had to get back to the CH to get one last load of furniture that we couldn't use the pick up truck for and had to get W by 5:30. Gas man still hadn't shown. We unloaded all the remaining heavy crap from the truck and then the phone rang. Gas man was running late and would be there at 5. Nope. Sorry we needed to get back to CH, load up and then get W. So he planned for 6 instead.

At 4 we left NH and headed to CH for one last load of stupidly, arm achingly heavily furniture. I then left and picked up W while the hubs finished loaded some stuff and met us at the NH.

Poor W. He was so confused :( We walked into the NH and he was all happy to explore. Until he saw the couch he recognized. And the china closet...and the dinning room chairs...and his crib. He was not happy. He had no clue why all these familiar things were in this new, strange place. Poor kid.

Hubs showed up, we fed W and put him in his new bedroom hoping he would actually sleep. Which he did.

I then got back in the minivan one last time and drove 40 minutes back to CH to pick up the cats, dog, pet food, litter pans, bathroom supplies, bed sheets/pillows and some toys for W. All loaded up and I hit the road.

On my way back to NH I followed the Pizza Hut man who thankfully turned into our driveway and dropped off a juicy, greasy, wonderful pepperoni pizza with extra sauce. My favorite!!

The gas man had showed up around 7pm (there goes that whole 12-4 thing) and was gone by the time I got back. We ate dinner and I quickly passed out.

Unfortunately, we still have a ton of stuff to do. We left all the food, pantry, closets, odds and ends in the garage and baby toys behind. We still have everything except the kitchen to unpack. All the furniture is helter skelter in the house and our bed isn't even on the frame yet. But...I don't care. It took me a wonderful 15 minutes to get to daycare this morning versus 35 before. And it was a nice drive. We will go back to CH this evening once W is asleep (well one of us will, the other will continue to unpack and organize life) and hopefully get the rest of the crap out of the CH. Then we can just get the CH all cleaned up and ready for the new people and get back to our life.

Oh...and W slept awesome. He woke up and immediately saw one of the cats, screamed "KITTY CAT!" with a huge grin, gave Bones (the dog) a hug and happily ran around the house creating havoc. I think he will settle in just fine.

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