June 14, 2014

Entry Form Submitted :)


I actually have butterflies in my stomach.

July 12, 2014 will see Gemmie and I cruising down the trails at Biltmore in our re-introduction to endurance southeast region style. I sincerely hope it is a much better experience than up north or I will cry.

Not only do I get to ride 25 miles that day, but I also get to camp at one of the most beautiful places and my ride entry grants me complete access to the entire grounds including the vineyard. Unfortunately, we don't get access into the actual Biltmore house. They probably don't want a bunch of smelly, sweaty horse people walking around inside.

Poor Gem almost got signed up for the 55 mile ride because the fee is the same and why not go twice as far for the same price? In the end I think it is smarter to do the 25 since it is the first ride she will have done in 2 years, the first time ever camping solo, and its in the midst of the SC/NC summer heat and humidity. But still....it was so very tempting.

The great part is that S is going to do the 25 miler on Saturday as well, so hopefully we can snag some camping right next to each other. T has signed up for the 55 on Friday, so while she won't be riding Sat we can congratulate her Friday night and hang out in camp. S and T have both been doing this for years and know a lot of people, so I am sure I will get to meet some great endurance folks and learn a lot.

I took a peek at the ride map. The first loop in 11.9 miles and looks pretty straight forward following a blue marked trail. It is one big loop starting and ending at camp. There is a 40 minute hold in camp then back out to do the second part. Which is the scary part. I am already lost :(

Loop 2 trail map 

It starts out on a black trail and quickly comes to a Y where you must go left on the way out, snakes by the river and comes to a second Y where you must go right and then comes out onto a large yellow loop. Once the yellow loop is done you go back on the black where you left it, but once you get to the Y again you go right and then left at the last one. I think I better hook up with someone to ride this section!

The only other thing I am worried about is camping solo. She always had Pete with her before, but she also always had a stall at night. Now that she is out 24/7 I think the transition to camping won't be that noticeable. We will see!!!

Now to get some actual saddle time in before hand...

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