June 3, 2014

I'm In trouble...

Have I mentioned that I hate malls and shopping? I do. I can't remember the last non baby shopping trip I made. Most of my clothes have been either a Christmas or birthday gift which is great.
What I do love is presents. Shiny, bright presents. Just seeing a box at my door when I get home puts a massive, little girl on Christmas morning style grin on my face. Just ask the hubs. I ravenously tear into packages even when I know it just contains mundane things like supplements. I don't care. If it is a box I must open it. Now.

I recently stumbled upon a website:


This site posts two items every day that are relatively super cheap. Usually it is in only one size or an odd color. Mostly these are all out of season or over stocked. All highly discounted.
I've been checking it every few days. It is addicting. Really truly addicting. I really want to snag some winter blankets cheap on there and saw a nice offer today, but it only was available is size 84". Gemmie is a 70 or 72 and Pete is 80. Darn.

But as I shopped online I remembered that I needed new chaps. Mine are horribly falling apart. I can't complain though. I bought them my 3rd year of medical school, so that would be in early winter of 2008. 6 years of pretty hard use out of leather (well suede and kinda sorta leather) non brand name half chaps that cost me somewhere around $30-40. Not too shabby. They are still semi serviceable so they will continue to be used for most conditioning rides to save my new ones.

I've actually done a little research on half chaps. Most people seem to really like the Ariat Terrains but 1) they've been discontinued for a better (read more expensive) newer model and 2) when I tried them on back in 08 they didn't fit. One size was super loose but correct length and the next size was fitted to the calf but too short.
I ran into Just Chaps at the AERC convention and really liked the feel of them. They are a neoprene mesh which should be nice and cool in the summer and prevent rubs. I checked online and there are models I really like. One is the mesh and the other is called an endurance model and is all solid neoprene. Being who I am and attracted to shiny things I immediately gravitated towards the all neoprene because they came in red and black. But then I saw the company is in the UK and international shipping is expensive. Only one place in the states carries them and they only have the black (or awful bright blue) mesh ones. So mesh I got. I'm in between sizes still so I got a small because I just can't believe I could possibly be an extra small.
The red and black solid neoprene version. Aren't they drool worthy?
Showing the mesh. Boring black :(

Since I already had one item in my cart and saw that it was free shipping, I looked around online a bit. I've been wanting a better way to organize my trailer. The tack area is small and so far I've just been using a large black muck bucket to hold all my things. I've been wanting a bag to hang on the inside wall of the door to organize fly spray, Belly balm, brushes etc...to get it off the floor.
I saw this beauty and added it to the cart. I think I may end up needing to return it though. It needs to be secured with screws to the vertical surface. My trailer is aluminum and I doubt there are any support beams in the door. I will wait til it gets here but I'm not super comfy drilling into the trailer door.

The hubs wasn't too pleased with my splurging but actually really needed the chaps as mine are disintegrating. Fingers crossed they actually fit when they arrive.

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