August 31, 2013

Why Am I So Tired?

I'm 31 years young. Seriously, I still feel like I did (well, most of the time anyway) when I was younger. I really don't think 31 is old at all and not just because I don't want to be old, but because it just plain isn't. But there are times, like Wed night, that I pass out on the couch at 7:30 pm and wonder why on earth it is that I am not functional at such an early time in the evening. Is there something wrong with me?

On the drive into work Thursday morning I got to thinking about what it is that I do with my time. I enjoy my life right now. There are things that I wish I could do away with (namely work...oh... and housework) but all in all it is going pretty darn well. I don't like feeling like I am in a rut in life. It is too short and there are way too many things to experience and do to get stuck in something you don't enjoy. When I started to look more closely at how I am spending my days I came to two realizations: 1) the hubs and I are incredibly busy people and 2) I actually am in a rut, but I love it.

Why do I say that I am in a rut? Because I do basically the same things at the same times every day. While this would usually drive me crazy, I am actually enjoying it immensely. Here is a typical week in our household:

Monday thru Friday
The hubs is up at the butt crack of dawn, aka 5:45 am, to shower and get some food hopefully before W decides to start his day. I roll over and try to go back to sleep and eventually peel the covers back at 6:15ish and wrestle out of bed between the 100 lb dog and the 1 or 3 cats that have taken up the hubs' previously vacated spot. I hit the shower while W is scarfing down breakfast. Once up and dressed, things can go one of two ways depending on the time. If it is prior to 6:40 am, then the hubs, W, the 2 dogs and I all head out for a morning walk . If it is after 6:40 am, then I get W dressed for the day and we see the hubs off at 7 am and then I take the stroller and the dogs out by myself. Either way, once the walk is done I have just enough time to get W ready, grab his day care bag and add the refrigerated items, grab my lunch, breakfast and work clothes and load up the minivan.

I drop W off at day care and then head off to work. Once at work, I change into more suitable (and way less comfortable) attire, eat my breakfast (currently 2 hard boiled eggs) and look over my schedule for the day. Patients start at 8:30am and go, go, go all morning. Lunch is spent at my desk getting my charts caught up and then patients go, go, go all afternoon until I leave at 5ish. The only break in all this is Wednesday. The hubs currently gets the afternoon off, so he picks up W and comes for a visit and/or lunch. It is the highlight of my week.

After work, I head to pick up W. Once home, it is all about him. We get the mail so he can eat and smush up anything not needed, let the dogs out and play, play, play. He loves to be outside so we spend a lot of time just chilling in the grass. I love this time with him and let him walk around doing whatever non harmful thing he wants. We laugh, read, sing, wrestle, walk around and explore. He gets dinner at 6-6:15 and the hubs usually gets home around 6:30pm. After his dinner, he goes to bed (no later than 7pm, but he generally doesn't make it past 6:30pm) and then the evening is ours.

Here is where things get tricky. Two nights a week I grab a granola bar and a Gatorade and go to the barn. By the time I get her, tack up, ride, cool her out, untack and get things put away, I don't get home until 9 pm. I get home, change, pack the day care bag, pack my lunch and go to bed. Usually smelling like a horse. I have no clue what the hubs does when I am gone. One night a week the hubs does the same thing and goes to see Pete, getting home at 9 and going to bed. I use this time to catch up on reading blogs, writing on this blog, playing with the dogs and just chilling out. One night a week, I start craving real, adult food so we make dinner and snuggle on the couch watching old NCIS episodes until one of us wakes back up, pokes the other one awake and gets ready for bed. The last night is usually spent doing something for work, straightening up the house, going to the barn or running (the hubs, not me currently).

W doesn't understand the concept of a weekend just yet, so he still gets up at 6 am. The hubs does too and I sleep in until 7. After breakfast, W takes a nap until 8 or 8:30am at which time we load the dogs and the baby into the van and hit the trails. We now have a metal frame hiking backpack for W and we LOVE it. There are sooo many trails around and we enjoy our morning out. We generally get back around lunch time and feed W. Unfortunately, he tends to nap in the car on the way home, so once home he is ready to go even though we are not. The afternoon is spent playing, reading, laughing, walking, crawling, breaking things, etc... We also get some housework done.

Same early wake up and nap, but after he wakes up we head to the barn as a family. W plays in the barnyard with the hubs while I ride Gemmie and then we switch. Unfortunately, this means that I usually get a cranky, tired baby instead of the fun exploring baby that the hubs had. We get home, eat lunch, and put him to nap. After nap is grocery shopping and getting anything done that has to be completed before work begins again. We play the day away, walk the dogs in the afternoon and then eat dinner and crash on the couch.

So there you have it. A week in our life. It may be busy, but it is fun and having W around makes it all the better :) No wonder I get a little tired!!!

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