August 21, 2013

Bad Day :(



Today has not started off well at all. I posted to FB as well, so you may have already read the brief version. Stick with me while I whine vent.

Mornings are pretty routine for us. The hubs gets up and showers while W still sleeps. Once done, he eats breakfast while I lay in bed wondering how on earth the nights go by so quickly and trying to convince myself that getting up won't actually kill me. I then shower and by this time W is usually up and getting fed breakfast. The hubs then heads off to work and I take W and the pups for a walk. Once done, I get all my stuff ready for the day (I am smart enough to pack my lunch and W's daycare bag the night before) and we head out to day care and work.

This morning started out like all the others before it. The hubs went off and I took my walk. On the way back a little schnauzer dog came charging, fangs dripping (ok...maybe her tail was wagging instead) into the road to say hi. I told her to go home. Much like my own dogs, she ignored me. I knew she would follow and didn't want her to get hit by a car so I stood there hoping her owner would notice. He did and he called her. She ignored him too. He then said that he had socks on and the driveway was wet so he couldn't come get her. What? There was a little invention called shoes a ways back. The foot doctor in me wanted to tell him he should have shoes on at all times anyway, but I refrained. Running out of time, I headed over to his garage and the dog followed. She went in and I turned to leave, but he started talking. And wouldn't quit. I kept making comments about how I needed to go to work, but he didn't seem to care. Finally, I got free and walked back home.

Now I was running late. I put W in the car and grabbed his bag and my work bag. I change at work so that a) he doesn't spit up or worse on my work clothes and b) I don't bring fungus or worse home to him when I pick him up. I've had some stomach issues lately and am a bit dehydrated so I grabbed a Gatorade and hit the road at the time I usually am arriving at day care. Crap. I drop him off and get to work about 15 minutes later than usual, but still before patients start for the day. I go to get my clothes and change. First I notice a big puddle of Gatorade in the bag and my socks are dripping. Ok. I can deal with that. They will dry eventually. I put on my dress pants (scrubs....every doctor should wear scrubs....sigh) and then fail to see my dress shirt. Oh crap. This I can't deal with. Dress pants, flip flops and a red t-shirt with "Margaritaville" in black velvet across the front isn't really dress code. Back in the car I go and I now have 20 minutes before my first appointment. I live 15 minutes away. Driving warp speed gets me home in 10. I change and grab clean socks and head back to work. I arrive 10 minutes late. Out of breath. Stressed beyond belief.

Poor Gem thinks she has it bad getting worked an hour 3 times a week. She doesn't even have to dress herself or give herself a shower!!!

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