August 20, 2013

The BIG MOVE : Part 2

"We must be willing to let go of the life we planned, so as to accept the life that is waiting for us"

- Joseph Campbell

Moving day came faster than we expected and the hubs' sister, M, came into town a couple days early to help pack. It is next to impossible to pack with a 7 month old around. Don't try it. Everything got loaded into the moving truck and we planned to get up with W at 5:00 am which was his usual time. We left the truck at B's house so he could meet us at the barn in the morning and we could all start out together. The truck was pre packed with hay, grain and two 7 gallon tanks of water.

Relying on a 7 month old as your alarm clock is not very smart. He had never slept passed 5. Until moving day when he slept until 6. Ooops. We hit the road and met B at the barn. The horses loaded up and we were off. Except now W needed breakfast so we made it 30 minutes down the highway before pulling off. He ate and was changed and we were off again. We hoped to keep everyone together, but made it a rule that we had to stick in pairs at a minimum for safety reasons. The hubs was in the moving truck which wouldn't go above 55 and dropped to 30 on hills, so M and I ended up going on ahead. When we needed to stop, I would call the hubs and let him know where so everyone could stop together.

We stopped for lunch in Chicago and sat outside in the shade letting W play in the grass and the dogs stretch their legs. Stopping needed to remain at a minimum for the horses and cats, but everyone needed some time out of the car. Apparently I mistook the rest stop we were at for the one right before our turn off to avoid downtown Chicago and now we were passed it, so through downtown we went. Hubby was cranky about this for some strange reason. We made it to the other side of Chicago with me out front and M behind me. A ways back and out of sight were the boys. My GPS told me to take I94 and so I did with M following. Hubby's told him to take I90 and so he did with B following. Um?

We figured we would meet up eventually and kept plugging along. And meet up we did. We were dropped onto the next road just behind the boys and caught up quickly. Crisis averted.

I hoped to make it in 3 hour intervals between breaks. W had other plans. He was a super baby and slept and played the whole time. He thought 3 hours was too long though. I would let him cry if it was before 3 hours, but if he needed changed I would pull over at the next spot to change him. He very quickly learned this and made sure to poo every 1.5 hours on the dot. I swear. I'd call M and let her know and we would pull off at the next rest stop. Sometimes the boys did too and other times they just kept going and we would leap frog them.

We made it through WI, IL, IN, OH, and into KY. Something went terribly wrong in KY. My GPS had me take a random exit off the interstate and through suburbia with M tailing me wondering if I had lost it. The boys continued on the highway, go figure. We got back on and caught up. No big deal. A little later B took a totally different highway than we did. We all had the address to our stopping point in Lexington, but since the hubs and I were named on AAA and US Rider (special for horses, they will pick up both the truck and trailer where AAA just does the truck) and if something happened one of us had to be present. B had to turn around and back track back to our highway and this put him pretty far behind.

The hubs had booked us the most amazing place in Lexington. He knew we would be tired, sore and cranky and the thought of a motel 8 or camping was not appealing. We stayed at the Essence of Bluegrass, a bed and breakfast 5 minutes from the horse park that took in our horses, our dogs, our cats and ourselves. The dogs coul roam the property off leash which helped them a ton. They made us a delicious gourmet breakfast in the morning and we slept very, very well.

Still not about me...


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