August 30, 2013

Change of Plans...Already

“Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.”  
―     Allen Saunders

See...I told you I hate making plans simply because they never work out. I have been trying to keep my "plans" tab updated, including the date I change things, so that my one loyal reader out there can keep up with me. Sorry, hubs but while I am happy you read it, you don't count. Mainly because if you didn't read it, I'd make your life miserable :) See, marriage can work.

My first hunter pace was planned for this Sunday. It would have been perfect because it is a 3 day weekend and losing a few hours Sunday morning with W wouldn't have been so bad because I would have all day Monday with him too. The weather is also supposed to be glorious. But it wasn't going to happen even if the organizers hadn't decided to change the date. Money right now is a bit tight. The move down south wiped us a bit more than we planned and its been too long since I've had a real paycheck. Our Cleveland squatter renter has also decided to pay us whatever amount he feels like whenever he gets around to it which doesn't help.

The actual ride entry fee is pretty low considering what all you get - $37. Why $37?  I don't know. $40 would be a lot easier to come up with in cash from the ATM since I don't know any machines that spit out ones. That includes lunch too, which I have heard is quite tasty. When you start multiplying that by 2 (the hubs and Pete are joining us on this escapade), add in gas for the truck (ouch!) and babysitter fees and it gets up there quickly. It is probably going to be a $250 day.

However, the stars are aligning a bit and the organizers moved it back a week to their rain date. It has been unusually rainy here this year. Not that I can speak from experience, but that is what everyone keeps telling me. While it is currently dry out, the ground is just not hardening up fast enough. The event takes place on private property and with numerous horses gallivanting around and jumping, the ground would become mush quickly. I'm sure they don't want their picturesque property turned into a mud wrestling pit in the matter of minutes. Hopefully the next week and a half stays dry and it can go on.

With the date change comes the hope that maybe we can go. I will get paid the Friday right before and we might be able to swing it. We will have to see how things go. This also gives me an additional week to work with Gem on that huge gut of hers. Not that a week will do a whole lot except make me feel like I did something to prepare her.

The next event in September also got cancelled. I guess they just couldn't cope with all the rain and mud or maybe it has nothing to do with that at all and I am just making it up. Who knows. In any case, that leaves FENCE as the only September ride. The next ride then becomes the one I was really aiming for - Biltmore. If you have never heard about it before you should look it up online. It is a huge southern estate turned tourist trap in NC. It is supposed to be gorgeous. I really want to ride there. This one will happen (baring things like lack of funds, rain, broken truck or trailer, broken horse, broken rider, sick baby etc.. etc...etc...) and falls close enough to our 9th wedding anniversary for me to pull the anniversary card :) This just so happens to be the place I hope to finish my first 50 at next September, and getting a feel for the grounds and terrain is important to me.

Only time will tell....

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