August 21, 2013

The BIG MOVE: Part 3

"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we are curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths"

- Walt Disney

The next morning came all too soon. We decided not to rush out of there and stuck around until after W took his morning nap. The dogs were enjoying the morning sunshine and we were not in a hurry to get to an empty house and start unloading.

Eventually it was time to leave and we all loaded up and headed out. The drive was gorgeous. We meandered out of KY and into NC through the mountains. There were tunnels too which reminded me of home. The moving truck was making incredibly slow progress and the hubs decided not to stop with us. The second day was much hotter than the first and we began to worry about the horses and cats every time we stopped. We left the mountains and NC behind us and finally entered SC.

At some point I asked the boys to change vehicles. It had been a long two days for the hubs in a barely functioning truck that was so loud you couldn't even use the radio. He was cranky and sore. The plan was to head straight to the barn and get the horses settled and then find our house. We found the barn via two different routes again. My Garmin based GPS and the hubs' TomTom based GPS liked to go separate ways. We pulled in and I was nervous. Picking a barn sight unseen can be dangerous.

There was a group of people there and everyone welcomed us with a big hug and a warm smile. The horses were tired, but otherwise looked pretty darn good. They travel so well and had kept eating and drinking the entire time. I did electrolyte them the night before and I think that helped a lot. They were in quarantine for 2 weeks which was fine by me because it meant they could be together. They had a massive pasture to themselves and once we let them go, they took off cantering around happy to stretch their legs. Pete was a little stiff in the hind legs, but that soon worked itself out and they got busy grazing. We watched them for a while, but knew we had a lot of work left to do, so we said our goodbyes.

We live 6 miles from the barn and the house turned out to be super cute and in a nice little neighborhood. We would have preferred a farm, but this was nice. The only problem with the house was that every single room had vinyl flooring. There wasn't a stitch of carpet in the entire house. Apparently the landlord's wife had severe allergies and couldn't have carpet. The boys got busy unloading the truck and emotions were high. We were tired and cranky and hungry. M and I decided we were better suited to figure out food and we headed into town to see what we could find.

A Longhorn Steakhouse flashed its enticing lights at us and a steak dinner as a reward for such hard work sounded like just the thing. We ordered steaks to go and bellied up to the bar. The bartender was super friendly and kept the sweet tea flowing (I LOVE the South) and even got us two carnations. We felt loved. There was a Walmart across the street and I left M at the bar to go buy some shower supplies since who knew when we would find the stuff we packed away. The food was ready when I returned and with stomachs rumbling we headed back home.

The boys had been busy and the truck was just about empty. Good job guys! We settled into our food and gorged on bread, salad, baked potatoes and steak. What a wonderful end to a busy two days. The next morning we took B to the airport and said a sad farewell. He was such a great friend to us for 3 years and we really miss him.

We got to spend all that day and most of the next with M until her flight left in the evening. Another tearful goodbye and we were left all alone in SC.

Seriously..I thought this blog was about me!?


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  1. That's a trip your never forget!
    Aunt Jozia