October 7, 2013

Prioritizing My Blog Posts This Week

Sooo much to write about and sooooo little time! I guess that is way better than having nothing to say and writing 15 more posts about a heart rate monitor :) Poor readers. The internet has been down at work plus I have been actually pretty busy today (I don't blog at home because that is my time to spend with W, so I use my lunch break or before the day starts to write) which is why this post is late and short.

This week should be interesting in Blogland (if you call reading me go on and on about my life with Gemmie interesting) and here is all I plan to share:

- A funny story about Gemmie from Sunday
- My saddle story continues with super excitement toward the end of the week
- First blog giveaway - fun gift to win
- First Hunter Pace on Sunday!!

Stay tuned for all the excitement to come!!!

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