October 1, 2013

Moving Day!

Saturday came and we headed to W Farms to get Gem and Pete. Of course it was super busy there in the morning and so we tried to quietly pull in and go about our business. One super crabby boarder came up to me and asked if I was joining them on their trail ride. I said no and kept walking. She then went up to the hubs and I heard her ask the same thing. Now why would you ask him when I already told you no? He said no, we are moving the horses. She asked where. I wouldn't have answered, but the hubs is friendlier than I am, so he told her FS Farms. She glared back and spat "They don't have as much land there" Ummm....really? MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!!!!!! Now, if she had been talking to me it would have taken all my filtering strength to not reply "But they have such friendlier people", but she was fortunate to be dealing with the hubs who just ignored her and walked away. Sigh. I am soooooo glad to be out of there and away from everyone.

The horses loaded up well as usual and we headed out. Once at the new barn we showed the hubs around since he hadn't seen it yet. He was content with only the same worry as me about the grass issue. We then headed over to let them out to their new pasture. The hubs made an interesting observation: the pasture was cut in half horizontally (forming a front half and back half) by a fence that ran from left to right about 2/3rds and then a pond that took up the remaining 1/3rd. He asked if the fence included the pond. They said no. Their 2 elderly geldings and a rather cute donkey were on the back half and the gate was closed between the two giving Gem and Pete their own private space (I love having them back together!).  Knowing his horse well, he asked how friendly their horses and donkey were and we were told very, but why? Hubs mentioned how much Pete likes water and said that if they come out and he is across the pond to not worry and just open up the gate for one big party. They thought we were weird.

At first things were going well. Gem and Pete said hello to the mare across the fence on the left hand side and then went about exploring. Gem was nervous as usual but began settling in fairly quickly. Until she noticed an alien across the back fence. I had never thought about it. Donkeys are similar enough to horses I just figured they would be ok, but Gem apparently had never seen one before and she was petrified. She ran away from it as fast as she could and then slowly edged back behind Pete shaking like a leaf and ready to explode. She eventually said hello, but every time the donkey (named Spook)  let out a big old heeeehaw, she would run full tilt away. Poor girl. So many new experiences in so short a time.

We stood around and chatted to make sure everything would settle in ok and when W started getting bored at the barn and hungry, we packed up and headed home. If you take a left out of the barn you go straight back to our place. If you go right, you can make a second right and head back along a road at the back of the property and spy on the horses. We went that way. As we drove past Pete was making his way about halfway across the pond, swimming to meet the others. Ha!!!! We told them he liked the water :) He never made it across though because the guard donkey stood on the other shore and yelled at him which made him reconsider and turn back around. I don't give it too long and he will make it across.

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