October 8, 2013

FS Farm Pics At Last :)

“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.”  
- Anne Frank
Welcome! Come take a tour with us :)
The Dynamic Duo are back together and are relaxed, happy and healthy. No more bite wounds or kick marks. No more stress. No more blanket arguments. No more irrational demands or rules that are only voiced once you have broken them. No more "We need to talk. The hubs and I enjoy the company of the BOs (husband and wife team) who are down to earth and really easy going. It is peaceful. It is relaxing. It is just what we were looking for.
Here is the front of the pasture just as you walk into the gate. It is mostly dirt due to the amount of trees which will be nice for protection from the rain and hot sun. They are currently getting a bale of hay until it runs out and then it is replaced. They go through one a day right now. You can see Gemmie hiding waaaaaay off in the background if you look between the hay feeder and the tree. I love how she greets me at the gate ;)

This is the back part of the field. The shed in the very back is actually part of the back pasture where the BO's two old geldings and donkey are. We keep inviting them to open it up to all, but the BO is worried that the donkey may pick on Gem. Apparently he wants a bunch of little mule babies around even though he is "fixed". 

At the back of the Dynamic Duo's pasture is a fence and a pond. The pond was used for drinking water in the past. Now it is being used for both drinking water and a nice cool Pete bath in the heat of the day. The BO has seen Pete chilling up to his belly in the water on more than one occasion. I told him he liked water!   
A better view of the gate separating the two parts of the pasture which ends at the pond. Pete keeps trying to cross, but the guard donkey on the other side starts screaming at him. He gets scared and swims back toward his shore. Someday he will cross and then what will my Gemmie do? She isn't into water aerobics so I doubt she would swim across, but then again she hates being alone so which would be worse?
The pond. It is stream fed.
Moving on... There were two horses boarded in the pasture next to the Dynamic Duo when we moved them in. I guess their greatness scared the others away because they came and took them away the next day. Now that the pasture was unoccupied we asked if the gate could be left open. The BO being as awesome as he is, he did so and now the D.D. can walk through this gate and into another area with more grass. If new boarders come again, we will lose this, but for now it is great. Though the gate is this nice field with some trees. There is another field that this runs into and they even left that gate open for the D.D. to use for now. I have seen Gemmie using the first field, but not the second one, so I am not

sure if they really need it or not.

There are other amenities to the barn outside of just where the D.D. spend the majority of their day. The barn was built in the mid 1990s (ick...sounds so recent but really isn't anymore) and is very open and airy. They stay outside 24/7, but we have access to the barn for the tack room, wash area and we can use stalls whenever we want as long as we bring them in/put them out and clean up after them. I'm sure if we really needed it in an emergency the BO would help us out, but they like to be fairly hands off of the horses to avoid any confusion or stress. There is even hot water available to wash the horses with when it is chilly.

The arena is great too. Very large and believe me there is plenty of room for a Gemmiecakes to open up and gallop around in there. I've witnessed it both on the ground and under saddle. It is amazing! I think I mentioned before that the footing is very deep to protect western horses when doing sliding stops and sudden turns. It makes for hard work for the horses when asked to trot nicely in it. Just imagine jogging in the dry sand at the beach. When cantering or galloping you feel like you are floating on air. There are no jumps currently and I may ask the hubs to make me some over the winter. I'm a little nervous to jump in the footing though. I don't want them to sink and end up straining a tendon. Ground poles would be great though.

And last, but not least are the little piggies that line the drive entrance and the beautiful flowers that are everywhere. The place is only a few minutes from town, but when there you feel miles from anything. It is quiet, peaceful and just what we are looking for.

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