March 18, 2016

Organization. 7 weeks left!

I'm obsessed. Seriously. It isn't healthy.

All day long my thoughts drift off to the first weekend in May. I've read the website for the ride about a  hundred times. I could probably re write it by now. I've made plans in my head of when to head up, then changed them and then changed them back again.

I think I may need some intervention.

Last night I realized it is only 7 weeks away. Somehow that sounds shorter than saying 2 months. EEK!!

With so many thoughts banging around in my head at all times, stuffed between work and home life concerns, I think I need a single place to organize things. The plan below includes Gem's conditioning, my own conditioning and all the thiings that need to get done before the ride. I am back dating it to when her official conditioining began for the April ride since those  miles all count towards her fitness entering the 100.

Week 11: Weeknight: 12 miles. Weekend: 10 miles, fast pace.

Week 10: Weeknight: hill sets. Weekend: 10 miles, fast pace.

Week 9: Weeknight arena work. Weekend : 10-15 miles, moderate pace. Run Wed and Friday.

Week 8: Weeknight: arena work. Weekend: 10-15 miles, moderate pace with hills. Run Wed and Friday.

Week 7: Weeknight: hill sets. Weekend: 20 miles, moderate pace with hills. Run Wed and Friday. Begin acclimating Gem to salt water.

Week 6:  Weekight: arena work. Weekend: 20 miles with hills, moderate pace. Run Wed and Friday. Get shoes on Gem. Hope they work out.

Week 5: Weeknight: hill sets. Weekend: 10-12 miles, fast pace (hunter pace scheduled). Run Wed and Friday. Double check all gear for any signs of wear or weakness. Go over portable corral for missing parts and functioning charger. Order anything that requires replacing. Have dental work on Gem. Spring vaccines and new coggins.

Week 4: Weeknight: arena work. Weekend: 10-12 miles, fast pace (hunter pace scheduled). Run Wed and Friday.

Week 3: Weeknight: last hill sets. Weekend: 20 miles, moderate pace. Run Wed and Friday. Check supply of Grand Vite and alfalfa cubes. Wash and organize trailer. Turn 34 and hope hubby purchased the saddle pad I asked for.

Week 2: Weeknight: work in grass field to keep muscles loose and moving. Run Wed and Friday. Weekend: 10 - 12 miles, moderate to fast pace (hunter pace scheduled). Purchase compressed alfalfa. Confirm grass hay requirements with BO. Make sure all grain is fully stocked. Go over camping gear and portable corral to make sure everything is in working order. Order electrolye syringes from Running Bear to confirm they will be there upon arrival in camp. Figure out where to get some dry ice. Confirm plans with Liz about arrival.

Week 1: Rest for both of us. Wash all riding gear: pad, saddle, girth and bridle. Make sure headlamp has new batteries. Make sure Garmin is fully charged. Shop for human food and drink.  Pack up all camping gear and ride gear. Label buckets and tubs for ease of crewing. Get new set of shoes on Gem. Begin daily Grand Vite/alfalfa cube slurry. Don't forget to breathe.

And then we will be off!!!

Anything glaring I am missing from all of this??


  1. Damn. You plan way more detailed than I dare to! Haha. FWIW, my endurance mentors have always said to have new shoes set for a race 9 to 14 days out. What does your farrier recommend?

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    2. I dislike replying in my phone. I always seem to mess it up somehow.

      Anyway...Ill double check with farrier. I was thinking it was recommended 7-10 days out for the NG shoes but I'll make sure that isn't too close to the ride. If I remember correctly the concern with NGs is the nail heads wearing off well before the shoe wears down. One person recommended borium nails on really rocky trails. Shoes is a whole new world to me.