March 8, 2016

Gemmie is Glamorous Thanks to Karen

A while back I sent a message to fellow blogger Karen, of Trails to Lead Old Cowboys Home Again, asking about her brow bands. She makes gorgeous beaded brow bands and I always loved the designs she showed on her website.

She responded quickly that she was happy to make one and asked what I had in mind. I am not a crafty DIY type person and so I drew a blank at first. I thought about it a bit and responded back that I would love something that included a dog paw print, having just lost Bones. Karen already knew I loved red and black and after asking a few other questions, she got to work making a masterpiece.

My new bridle showed up at last and I was asked to measure the length of the brow band so she would know what size to make it. I promptly either forgot to take a measuring tape to the barn with me or forgot to use it once there on multiple occasions, so I eventually just called the Distance Depot and asked them what length it was on the Arab sized bridle I just purchased.

With the information in hand, she quickly finished the piece and mailed it out to me. With the intricacy involved, it would have taken me a year to even figure out how to do the design let alone execute it and here it was in my hands in a really short time. I was so excited to rip open the box!!

When at last I opened it up I was speechless. It was gorgeous. Far prettier than anything I could have thought up. She not only incorporated the paw print, but did it inside a heart. The gold accents glittered in the sun and the geometric and symmetrical design was flawless.

She also included a bridle charm in Gem's colors.

It took a bit if fiddling to get it on the bridle mainly because I didn't pay enough attention to how it all worked when I gave Karen the measurements. She made it exactly as I described except what I described wasn't accurate.

Finally, this weekend I got it all put together and on her and there are not enough adjectives to describe it.

It suits her so perfectly. The colors are lovely. The design is symmetric beauty. The paw prints are a reminder of my other beloved 4 legged family memebers. She looks like the princess she knows she is.

I can't thank Karen enough for this and will treasure it.


  1. It looks amazing! You guys will be styling at all the hunter paces and your 100 mile ride :)

  2. I'm so glad it was an easy fix to remedy the construction mistake. And it does look as good as I had hoped.

    Happy trails to you and Gem.

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I love it!!