March 30, 2016

Conditioning Plan Check In (Weeks 7 and 6)

The first part of a conditioning plan is making one. Putting it in writing and figuring out what to do and when keeping in mind the desired outcome. The second part, equally as important, is keeping to it. I have decided to do biweekly checks on my plan to see what I have been able to do in real life. This will help me stay on track, realize what was actually doable and what wasn't, and will serve to help me look back after the ride to see if what we did worked.

Week 7: Weeknight: hill sets. Weekend: 20 miles, moderate pace with hills. Run Wed and Friday. Begin acclimating Gem to salt water. SUCCESS. 

I did hill sets at the barn and worked in the arena on Tuesday evening. Gem did great and put in a good effort even with the dreaded sandy footing.

I got my runs in as planned.

Sunday was a 15 mile ride at Kings Mountain at a great pace for the conditions. It was 5 miles short because the trail wasn't as long as it claimed to be and I was in no mood to turn around and back track 2.5 miles to just turn around again. Gem wasn't either and the 5 miles shy isn't a big deal.

I totally forgot the salt to add to the water bucket. It was a cool day (high got to be around 45 during the ride and cloudy) and she barely broke a sweat so she didn't really need it anyway.

Week 6:  Weeknight: arena work. Weekend: 20 miles with hills, moderate pace. Run Wed and Friday. Get shoes on Gem. Hope they work out. PARTIAL SUCCESS.

Tuesday night we did work in the grass jump field working on staying soft and fluid. We did serpentines, figure 8s and circles with canter work thrown in as well. Gem was on her A game and we had a lovely ride as the sun set.

I ran as scheduled.

Shoes were put off until the following Monday due to the farrier's schedule, so only a day off from the week's plan.

The weekend was fantastic and left me grinning all weekend, but yo already read all about that. 20 great miles at a great pace.


  1. Good job sticking to your schedule! How is the running working for you? Matilda

    1. Running...well...I am using an interval running app that I actually really like. I started the 8 week (3 days a week running plan) program in October. I am now on Week 7 Day 1. Ha!!