December 1, 2015

Windridge HP Results

We came in 5th again :)

Optimum time was 1:08 and we came in at 1:00:29, so we were over 7 minutes too fast.

Season standings have not been updated yet, but going into this we were sitting in 7th overall. I think we will end up moving to 6th after this event.

I'm obsessively checking for the pictures to be posted as well. I had Gem in a lovely canter when we approached the photographers and I don't think I have any pictures of me cantering her to date. Hopefully they got a good shot.

One more pace left before the winter break which is slated for this weekend, but I think it will get postponed a week with all the rain we are getting. After that there is nothing until the winter Biltmore ride at the end of January. I am really excited for that one. They expanded the course to be 15 miles so that we can ride by the house. Plus it is only $40 which is the lowest price to ride at Biltmore you will find.

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