December 24, 2015

More Satin :)

Can you tell a little boy lives here?

Endurance is amazing in a lot of ways, but it really falls short for me in one area: awards. I know, I know...the trail is your award. I get it. I just wish they gave out ribbons or even better a medal like at the end of a marathon. Something I can hang up and look at with a smile. Hanging up a mini flashlight is just weird.

The hunter paces however do this extremely well and now. Gem has now earned three ribbons this season and each time an envelope shows up in my mail box I get all excited tearing it open. The pink ribbon above was from Windridge and I really like the decorative button in the center. I thought this would be my favorite ribbon until the one below showed up this week from River Valley.

I adore the horse ribbons and the length is pretty awesome too. This one came with a little letter of congratulations as well which was a nice touch.

If this keeps up I may have to find a way to display these somewhere. Gem makes my heart smile.


  1. Yay, satin collection! I have all of my ribbons from my pre-endurance show days sitting around in boxes...I keep thinking "ribbon quilt" some day. But I would agree, some endurance satin would be a nice addition. I think of the rides I've done, there has only been one that gave out completion ribbons.

    1. I love the shirts that some rides give out. Wearing them makes me smile every time.