December 23, 2015

Hoarding - A Blog Hop


Blog hops, specially during the down times in my horse world, are one of my favorite things to participate in. The $900 Facebook Pony started a new one about collecting/hoarding items.

I am not much of a collector. Honestly, I can't think of a single real life "collection" that I have. It stems from my need to throw away all the things. I also like to sell an item before buying a replacement for it and keep an entire PayPal account just for my horse items.

Two things come to mind though.

The first thing: hats. Much like Amanda from $900 Facebook pony, I love hats. Off the top of my head, I can picture 12 different ones sitting at home. Most are from Life is Good, but there are two that stand out.

One is this lovely black hat that Dusty bought for me at the Run for the Horses Endurance Ride/Ultramarathon back in September. It fits me well without covering my ears or being too tight and black goes with everything. It was purchased to help replace my all time favorite hat: a grey one with a horse embroided on the front. This hat was special and irreplaceable. It was the completion award at my first ever LD in 2011. Then Einstein ate it.

The other is this blue running hat made by Headsweats. If you have ner worn a Headsweats hat, you are seriously missing out. The sweat band is comfortable and actually works to keep the sweat from stinging my eyes and the material is light enough to prevent an inferno on my head in the summer heat.

The second collection: ride photos

At every endurance ride I try to buy a ride photograph or two. I don't have a professional one from my first LD because the ride photographer wasn't there the day I rode, but I have one from my second LD and both 50s. The goal is to create a ride scrapbook that includes the ride photos, special moments, mistakes made, thigns done right and her ride card if I can remember it.

I guess I am a pretty boring hoarder.

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