October 13, 2015

The Renegade Saga

"Saga" isn't really fair. It has been more of a "journey" than a true "saga", but semantics.

Just in case anyone is interested in the specifics of how they are working and what we are doing to make them work:


Both are viper shells size 135 x 125 with original renegade captivators. We went with the original shaped captivators due to her tendency to run a little higher heel than ideal. From the start, it was determined she would need the extra wiggle room in fit.

The front left has the small size and the standard black cables. This boot fits as close to perfect as I think it can get. The pastern strap has a gap and still gripes the velcro well and the toe strap has the perfect amount of extra under the keepers with the right tension for fit. It has stayed put without twisting through all the mud, hills and water I have thrown at it through both Biltmore and my latest muddy ride at Croft. The only thing I have yet to attempt is cantering which has been put on hold in her rehab schedule for another week.

The front right originally had the small captivator as well. With the new shape to the heel bulb, this was too tight even with the cables lengthened. It was recommended to go up to the medium size and this seems to be working out nicely. It was also suggested to try to lengthen the medial cable a little more than the lateral to let it slide up over the heel bulb. Pre recent trim, the boot fit a little off and popped off the front of her hoof at mile 6 of Biltmore going up a steep hill in the mud and rain. I tightened the toe strap, which then resulted in a lot of extra, and it remained on for the last 2.5 miles. Sunday's Croft ride was post trim and her hoof fit a million times better. In fact, I think I need to the shorten the cables now with the lower heel and better mustang roll, but I couldn't do it pre ride Sunday. I had not thought to clean them post Biltmore and the mud had dried inside the cable track. I didn't want to force the issue and break a cable, so I left it go for another day. I will be cleaning them post ride from now on. Even with the slighter longer cables and less than perfect fit, the boot stayed on for the entire muddy Croft ride. The only thing I am a little confused on is the toe strap length. If my memory serves me correctly, shortening the cables should result in even more length to the toe strap. I want less since it already goes well beyond the recommended length past the keepers. I don't really want to lengthen the cables though because it already felt a little loose going up over the heel bulb. I don't know. The toe straps are the most confusing thing to me in the whole process.


These are proving way trickier.

Originally I had ordered the 125 x 115 size viper shell which fit perfectly in width, but was way too short. We went with the small viper captivators and those ended up being too small too. We then went up to the 130 x 120 with the next size up captivators. Well, unfortunately, these are a great fit for length but too wide. I have shortened the black cables to the point where the ends are poking out the other side and the toe strap is excessively long. I can't snug them at all and there is a mild gap along the side.

Post recent trim had the hoof setting into the boot better and the gap has nearly gone away. The toe strap is still extremely long and not snug at all. The solution is to try a smaller set of cables and a shorter toe strap out so that I can hopefully snug it up a bit. These haven't come in the mail yet. The bummer is that this is the best size for the hinds. The size down is too short and the original rennie shells are even more round in shape. I am crossing my fingers that shorter cables will work. Even with the less than ideal fit, they still stayed on through everything at Croft. I am just not very confident that they would stay on at a canter or through water.

So that is where I am at with the boots. As always, Ashley over at Renegade has been super to work with. She responds quickly, is a wealth of knowledge and always seems to have something to try next. I love this company.

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